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To CBS this morning joined Tony couple, Anthony Mason and Gayle King weekday mornings on CBS this morning. Okay, some good news during a challenging time for everybody, and this could really help you may know. Hundreds of thousands of people have already made the switch to medicine share, which is the affordable alternative to health insurance. And with so many people looking at how they pay for health care right now, seeing premiums going up for the cost of covert plans. Medicare has a special offer, and a lot of people are taking advantage of it simply apply by October 30th and they will wave your new member fee. That's $170 savings. And, of course, that's just to start. The typical family saves $500 a month after making the switch. Meta share is a Christian community that has shared over $4 billion in medical bills, and it's worked beautifully for decades. I'll give you the number here in a second, and if you call, you could get a price within two minutes. Just tell him the promo code share to get your additional savings here. It is called 866 88 Bible. That's 866 88 Bible. 866 88 Bible. A common sleeping pill did the trick for a Dutch man who's been unable to talk or move. Another question is, can it have a lasting effect? What is this? The Dutch health worker asked. Been upend the patient called Richard answers after eight years of being unable to move or talk on his own following a brain injury. Richard began responding within 20 minutes of being given Zelda dump marketed in the US as Ambien and Ian's been shown to help some 5% of consciousness disorders, But it only works a few days at a time. Time now, Dutch researchers are trying to find a more permanent solution. Vicky Barker's.

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