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Our top story. It was a year ago Yesterday, the Nicholas Berg often was released from prison after serving nine out of 10 years of his sentence. 11 at Ikea exes Brick Stevens reports from Coos Bay. The Big offered is now suing over what happened during the original case only since been working on rebuilding his life. McGuffin is also the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit stemming from alleged wrongdoing at his original trial again. Folks at the lab that hit that'd no evidence McGuckin's attorney, Janice Pure Kale, but since then we've also learned a lot about other evidence that the police head as well as evidence that was fabricated, which has led to the inclusion of the city of Coquille Coos County, Oregon state police in a number of individuals and organizations as defendants in the suit motions to dismiss the suit of them filed. A decision is expected from the judge in the spring. Aaron said. The camera school district are demonstrating to get kids back in school 100 juicy details Katie that they need to be part of the conversation. We just asked to be heard. We asked to have a conversation. Governor Jay Inslee has eased the metrics for students to return. But see, these says it's not good enough. A man in a wheelchair who was hit by a car Wednesday night on Barbara Boulevard, has died. Police say the driver remained on the scene and didn't show any signs of being impaired. The band who was hit has been identified 2 66 year old Clayton Chamberlain. Police say Chamberlain was in a crosswalk but was crossing against the traffic signal. A man who was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to young Children has been released of the charges dropped because sheriff's deputies arrested the wrong man. Brady over Acre of Hillsborough, was released after deputies confirmed he was at work at the time the crimes were committed, and the Trail Blazers will close out the preseason slate tonight when they visit the Nuggets in Denver. Portland is wanted to the Blazers will host the Jazz Wednesday in their regular season opener. That's.

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