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New york's number one hit music station z one hundred i think the employees of the day is my assistant andrew who scurried out to jersey city through the holland tunnel to buy another toilet to replace the toilet there was a gift from sharman the great t shattered in a billion pieces while the way hands off the toilet round head you're not allowed to get tax the ball accidentally i didn't do it on purpose and by the way you have to see this we have the security video capturing greg t shattering the toilet is his t's reaction oh my gosh you gotta go see it it's at elvis duran on instagram at elvis duran instagram go see this right now when when when t called nate over to the see the carnage is credible at elvis duran on you got to check it out whether it did you see the the brand name of the toilet glacier bay glacier bay it's a glacier bay toilet make you wonder you wonder the people at the toilet company on let's call this one glacier bay sounds like you're on a in the bahamas and you have a little cocktail in hand or something you would see while on norwegian cruise bliss all look at glacier bay but anyway thank you so much to sharman do we know which one of their songs one of the big sherman song contest the votes is still being tabulated kind of like the new one thank you so much to sharman we appreciate it and great t don't get near the toilet this is all i'm going to hear now never gonna live this down all right let's go around the room we'll start with you danielle what's on your mind today so when you find something in the refrigerator and has like the expiration date that's just a you shouldn't eat it after this date.

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