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On the car at home. When mia basically tells wendy the giselle called her a week bid which as we know didn't happen verbatim. This is classic house lies. it's nothing crazy like i'm not faulting. The i get it but she is really trying to insert herself as this like instigator here and she is doing it. Almost to the point where it's becoming performed in my opinion this is house is one on one. You took the words out of my mouth. You can't put words in other people's mouths knowing that is not what they said. It's one thing if you really think in your soul like this is what she said new just maybe forgot her heard wrong but to try and condense what she said and summit up in different words. You can't do that because that will always create a problem so she never said the words week bitch out of her mouth and if that's going to be what the problem is you are now creating a problem because yeah. She probably wouldn't have loved what she really did. Say in plain words but the words week bitch are definitely a lot stronger than what was actually said and that is just i think mia being kind of new to the equation because in real life you can kind of summarize what people say but this everyone is clinging onto every last word especially when the tensions are as high as they already are exactly. It's because so. Many houses happens all the time. So many franchises they don't consider forgetting a feasible option. Like they don't think that they can say you know what. I can't remember exactly what you said. But it had this general vibe. It's almost as if it needs to be verbatim or nothing. You're always going to screw yourself. This happens all the time. I can think of a million examples. Yes i was just watching some old. Oc and people were they were saying that shannon said that emily simpson's husband reminds her of her husband being abusive and she never said the word abusive. But when you hear the word abusive it comes across a lot worse than it really was and that becomes the whole dramas about that word and shannon never said it just got lost in translation and it was a game broken telephone and not just kind of what happens and then the fight ends up becoming about something that actually wasn't sad but said unless a words that were a little bit softer guess as a really good example and it just fed my need for an example. So thank you. You're welcome okay when they're playing tennis. We don't have to really get into it other than it just goes to show robbins. Lingering frustration towards wendy. Because like at this point. She's not having her at the wedding. The whole nine and when they sit down at dinner and robbins starts it off with facetime with one this she lost me here at this was so obnoxious a guy who is so noxious kinda loved it. He i hated. It was so rude and it was like so fucked up. But i like seeing robin kind of take control and for giselle to not be the one to speak up for her in the equation and that she was just kind of doing this on her own and having her own independent fight with wendy now even though it obviously branched off a fight with giselle with ashley i just. I don't know what as a person. I didn't love it as a friend. I love it but as a viewer. I absolutely adored it. I hated it as all but like fine. Okay this listen again this whole time. We definitely been agreeing. More with wendy than with robin however when robin confronted is like okay. Are you going to me as well. You're just ignoring giselle. And her response was like no. I'm not gonna ignore you. And i quote and if in the course of my conversation with giselle i did anything to offend you. Then i apologize. Robbins reaction was totally warranted of like. Listen you cannot pull the. If i did anything you came from my throat right like oh if you kind of got bumped untapped along the way. I'm really sorry that you got involved like no you're fully involved and i'm the one who involved you rate and my thing is like when didn't in my opinion didn't even necessarily need to apologize for everything she did to robin. It was just like if you're going to apologize. Apologize for the accurate thing you know. I m glad though that wendy just squashed right there and didn't keep it lingering. Because i think she intends to keep this fight and kind of overall feud with giselle going on for a lot longer so if she can just kind of put a pin in it with robin for the moment it was definitely the right move like. She didn't need to in that moment apologizing. I think robin wasn't expecting it. I think she was kind of wanting to get into a whole thing about it so then when when they hits her with the yeah you know you're right. I'm sorry even a wasn't a great apology. I think it caught robin off guard. I think the to and in this next part my favorite line. Maybe of the episode is when wendy says to robin you know hard motherhood is. I thought you'd be the one clapping hard for me that i did something for myself and again like you know. Robin doubles down. That it's not about that. It's about changing her personality. But i will maintain this like throughout. They set this up so poorly that. You can't backtrack on something like you can try to correct yourself and you can try to say that it wasn't what you meant. But the second that giselle lead with. I've seen more of your boobs this year than i have all of last year. It it's over and in my opinion. That's not wendy. Being unwilling to accept new information. I think anybody would react in the same way that she did. I think the problem is when robin says that point of view of like no. I really did see this change. It does sound so valid on its own in a vacuum because they had that same perspective right like let's say they really did feel that they have gone about it in such a different way. It would have been valid so when she says like the baseline hypothesis of what they were thinking. It is acceptable. But then when you add in the details like what you just said and how they went about in talked about her hundred back it went such different route. So you can't just keep saying that because you think it sounds okay right like the damage has been done and he should have thought about that before. You started the first time but in robins i guess defense or explanation. She wasn't the one that started it so poorly. It was zell right like if you really truly in your quarterback this you could have come to me privately. One on one on or off camera said you really felt you're worried about me. Explained what the differences you saw on me were and brought things to me that you as a friend were concerned about not whatever. This bullshit was the way that it went down right of the week. Bitch thing like we know what happens here. That didn't happen. I caught the entire table. Basically erupted mia because finally there is one consistent like villain here because nobody wants. The person that makes things get lost in translation..

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