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Emit the sentence afterwards which contradicts the proposition. Then that's really lean more than just a mistake. An honest mistake. I'd have to sigh as you read it. You'd think these are these are intentional. I'm here knife. Forgiveness for bruce pascoe. Now he's personal circumstances or whatever. But i can certainly say that. He purposefully lift stuff air because things that were relevant that was sawed boss saw i'd in the material he was reading. He would take the part that suited his argument and leave out the pot. The didn't sivvy's argument. And if what what if the he's an alternative view of maybe some of that which would be that. If you're quoting a set la who is unreliable who may be interested in taking some of that land anyway and is therefore i allow a visit lamont right something that says it's pretty impressive. What these average from people have done. But of course i still get to have the land because you know it's not that then i can forgive some a choice of quoting the. I did not sickened trying to pint. True history of indigenous people. You within cy. Oh well his given this other thing. Which i discount for these reasons but but it's not let honest. Well clearly us. He's not he's not going to be historical tastes like he's supposed to be. This is not meant to be a work of fiction so just fiction. If he's quoting something it's not meant to be a work of fiction. But it is indeed when you when you take bits and pieces and do i. Mitt relevant things that cy a contrary view. It's not being intellectually honest with the reader. It's like it's like these people who grab one line out of out of an anti covid lockdown report and completely out of context inci. That's the that's what the report says am. You didn't read the report. It says something else that short of situation. Yeah i k- and and i'm not..

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