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I'd love to start by having you tell listeners exactly like where you are in your garden life and practice what it looks like right now, , your relationship to plants, , oh? ? Golly. . Well, , you know like you I have <hes> my gardens never looked better. . Because <hes> I'm home. . I'm I'm not going out and so <hes> all the weeds are gone and <hes> we live in a very small piece of property in. . Marin. County . in the town of Lark spor-. . and. . We have to elevated raise beds we have about. . Thirty. . Containers. . And <hes> Vertical Gardens. . And they are all chock full. . Of veggies and fruits. . I've got a <hes> aspired apple tree was six different kinds of apples, , which is very when you have a really tiny yard <hes> blueberries that are, , oh my gosh. . That's like the fifth year of of their life in containers and a we have more blueberries this year than we've ever ever had. . So <hes> and I got of course I've got roses and ornamental season <hes>. . But I have to say the roses have become the bane of my existence in the garden because I'm always fighting black spun. . <hes> what are you GonNa do it you need to hear you either GonNa live with it or you're going to pull them out. . Right and I did I I did decrease them only got five rose bushes now. . And they better behaved here. . That's all I can say that's what I on when I go. . Okay. . You gave and where you are in Marin what what does own would that be <hes> sixteen, , sixteen seventeen okay. . All right. . So you are you are cooler by quite a bit than than me and <hes> warmer in the winter and <hes> interesting I. . I love the idea of the blueberries in containers, , and of course, , the vertical gardening and the raised bed gardening in the container gardening is all going to be part of what we're talking about. . Give us though I wanNA. . Go back a little bit because I think you have a really great gardening of history and story yourself that brought you to this love, , and then the work that you're doing with this love, , will you take us back to the people and places and plants that grew you into a garden and plant loving person Tony Well, , I think the the great inspiration stare into my grandfather's backyard in Chicago. . He was an amazing gardener I mean you could. . You could eat it seemed like each blade of grass in his backyard was was healthy and. . Vibrant. . His roses I never saw any sign of disease anywhere <hes> and he had a very small but jury productive <hes> <hes>. . Vegetable Garden and I I always saw the joy that was on his face when he was sharing with us the flowers in the fruits of his Labor. . And continued with my mom and my mom, , and I had a beautiful. . Relationship, , we were like two old shoes we used to say. . <hes> she she was very supportive of me and whatever I felt like I needed to do. . It was like, , okay great. . You know one of the the pivotal moments in my life was the Loma. . PRIETA earthquake. . Because that year my father passed away and then when the earthquake happened. . My Foundation was shaken to the core. . Yeah. . What year was that Tony Eighty Nine and. . I made up my mind when I finally got on the ferry to come home and I could see San Francisco inflames. . And I said, , I don't WanNa do this anymore. . I don't WanNa work in downtown. . San Francisco. . And I applied for an equity line on my home, , and soon as that goes proved I, , quit my job in downtown San Francisco and I sat in my garden say now what? ? And my garden gave me of the inspiration to start a business in the garden industry. . I didn't know what I was going to do but. . Eventually, , I found my way to find beautiful products that I loved and manufacturers that I wanted to represent and then slowly, , but surely I added. . To My company and I would find the products that good a garden shows and find the products and train them, , and they would go out. . We would all go out and sell the products to nurseries and gift stores and hardware stores all over California. . And I loved it. . I loved it was so much fun. . <hes> but eventually I, , I lost my my passion for that <hes> it took twenty eight years but. . I walked away from that and twenty eighteen so that I could you know focus on being a speaker and author?

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