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Do that. And all of this, all of this goodness for less than 7 bucks a month. Well, not less, actually, exactly. 7, 7 bucks a month. You know what? It'll actually be less than a blue chip. I think she, you know, I said, well, she would make it 6.99. She says, come on. 7 bucks a month, 7 bucks, not 6.99. So yeah, but with inflation, it's less. Anyway, please join the club. It helps us out is the best way going forward. And I promise, unlike NPR, we're not going to come down on your copyrights or anything like that. We are here to support open. RSS supported podcasting. And unfortunately, the world is not exactly beating a path to our door. You can help. If you listen to the shows, if you like the shows, if you want to keep them on the air, twit TV slash club twit. Thank you very much. Kathy, you don't normally have to do anything on this show. You've already done more than enough. Yes, yes. But I do like your picks. Every time you give us a pick, it's wacky. Did I do this one before? This is new. I must have been a dream because I thought I did, but I was discussing it before, and we couldn't find any record of it. So okay. It'll happen now. This is an Italian what? Detectives show? Yeah, so the only streaming network that I've happily subscribed to is a network called MHC. And what they did, and there's some history about it, is they find TV shows that are popular around the world. And they dub them. And then I found them originally because they used to be broadcast on kcm locally, one of the local public broadcasting stations. And they used to have Monday morning Monday evening mister night, and they were showing some of these programs that they picked up from around the world that they had dubbed. And one of them that was really popular is the inspector montalbano mysteries. And it's about a Sicilian police detective. And it's based on books. There's a guy who I think started writing his mystery series in his 80s, and he's just churned them out like one a year. And so for 20 years, they've been making a television production of the inspector montalbano mysteries. Against it is the woman in the way that they portray women and it is in all that great. What do you want? It's Italian, whatever, but the male characters are extremely well cast extremely well acted, the plots are interesting enough with the characters are so personable that you just really warm to them. So I started watching it years and years ago, like 15 years ago and the show's been made since the late 90s and still with making them up through 2020 at least. And I binged it recently. And it was a good bin. It was just, it's actually novels, so some people are fans of the novels, but the television production is really interesting. And it's Italian and it's just nice to sort of like watch the foreign television and just get some insight into the way, you know, if people in those countries are turning on their TV and settling in and watching something, it's nice to kind of see what they're settling into. Do you prefer it with subtitles or dubbed? Subtitles. Yeah. Topping is always terrible. It's always terrible. Sometimes it can be good. I remember seeing some documentaries about how some of the major motion pictures when I was living in France and the way they dubbed them for France. It was as much part of the production to get the casting right, the dialog and synchronization to do it. So you can do it well, and you can do it well where the voice acting has as much authority for the character acting as the original person. But in general, that takes a lot of money. It doesn't normally happen. I'd rather read it. And also sort of especially if I slightly know the language, it kind of gives me some clues about what changed in the translation and what might have been lost or what might have been gained. Especially the MHC networks also does stuff in French and my French is better than I think. And it's kind of interesting to sort of hear what they're saying and read what the translation is and figure out what the disconnects are. And also it helped my French to talk to some stuff. Good way to learn a language, really. The 37 episodes of montalbano, so there's plenty to watch, I've never heard of MHC. I'm going to check it out. That's cool. That's cool. MHZ choice dot. Like MHC seems to be sort of a parent initiative of which a variety of sub initiatives happened, but I think MHC networks is the streaming channel. But it's unique content where it was for something else where, you know, everybody's competing for which back catalog of American programming and everybody's got. But this is stuff that you wouldn't normally see. Somebody went out and did it, and they're translations are excellent. Actually, for montalbano, there's points where there's one character who's actually I don't know the word. Which is very ironic right now. Malapropisms, malaprops, where and he gets things very wrong all the time and the translations are brilliant because he's getting it wrong in Italian, but the way it's getting translated, he's now getting it wrong in English in a way that actually makes sense connected to the error he made. It's not a word for word matchup, but it gets like the gist of it. And that's how you do translations where you really capture the gist and you make it, you make it work. So it's the quality production. And I think Jeff will appreciate this. There's Italian food.

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