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If that's all he is at this point in his career, though, is a catch and shoot guy, again, he shot 36% or above on four or 5 attempts for about four years straight years, so he still has that in his bag. And on a minimum, I would do it. Yeah, worth a look. I think certainly. Greg ward says if we can get Kyrie and trade Westbrook to the pacers for Turner and maybe healed number 18 is on the way, but with the money work. Okay, so if we get Kyrie. Well, so Kyrie, you would have to get Kyrie for the mid level. Right. So he would have to say, no, thank you. I do not want $30 million. I feel like that's far fetched. And then trade Westbrook plus whatever it takes to get miles charter and buddy healed. I don't know if the pacers would be open to that. No, I think they should probably get a better deal out there. But in theory, if you can land those pieces, yes, I think that would be that would be a good thing for the Lakers. I just don't, I don't think that's very likely to happen for any of it. I don't think any of that is very likely to happen. I like your thinking, Greg, I hope you can put some good juju out into the universe and maybe. Hey, I hope he's right. I hope that they figure out if some way and Kyrie gets so upset with the nets he just says, oh yeah, I'm going to show you Lakers. I'll play for 6 million. Let's go. I mean, that would obviously be nice, but I'd even do some concessions and say, we don't even need both of these situations. I'd be happy with just one of them. Kyrie from the MLE or Westbrook for buddy yielded miles Turner. I'd be okay with that. Work out. That would work out to be okay with that too. Joan oliva said, I hope Kris Jen helps both AD and max shooting. Yeah, I mean, he was LeBron shooting coach in the past. He's worked well. So hopefully that does, it is something that matters and can help him along. I still have some concerns that they didn't go get a veteran head coach to be on darvin Hamm's bench. But aside from that, I mean, pretty much everybody's hired to start glowing reviews, so hopefully that lack of head coaching experience is an issue and these guys can get the best out of all the players. Yeah, if we can see a return of Anthony Davis more consistent shooting this year, that's going to be huge for us. And we need it. It has to happen. Go on some says the one GM that would pay Russ next year as Mitch. The hornets wouldn't keep him. He'd be an expiring contract. I have no idea. And this is maybe we should discuss this. I have no idea where Russ is going to be next year..

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