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04 time to check the fourday accu weather forecast i'm meteorologist brian thompson wendy and colder tonight will the mainly clear sky low near twenty tomorrow brisk and cold with intervals of clouds and sunshine obese varies a blowing drifting snow high of twenty six mainly clear in very cold tomorrow night lows ranging from six in many suburbs to thirteen and downtown boston mostly sunny in a bitterly cold day on wednesday other could be a little bit of snow on the cape in the morning high wednesday 22 and only fourteen of frigid day for a high on the thursday of a lot of sunshine throughout the day but again highs only in the teens now i'm accuweather meteorologist brian thompson wbz newsradio 1030 and right now in rehearing boston we have clear skies and thirty degree here's dan ray with page founder of awaken 180 weight loss sometimes i realize i've eliminated very little the only items that i've eliminated from my diet work carbonated beverages and junkfood what i tell people that they look at me they say that's not possible but it really is a really is it such a misconception that we have to deprive ourselves in order to maintain our weight or lose weight everyone's body is different and it will help figure out what works for you wouldn't have figured it out on my own i didn't figure it out on my own if this is not about counting calories is about learning how to weed right and there's so much misinformation out there every once told that there's one specific way to lose weight or to maintain your weight and is no doubt that so many people are frustrated or have tried things time and time again and they don't work it isn't cookiecutter people aren't all the same and that's what our coaches are here to do his figure out what.

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