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In you know whether was eric sogard earlier this year being called up from triplea whether a stephen vote joining the club now anthony swore zack even the return of jeremy jeffers everybody talks about being part of this group being part of this clubhouse uh that is such a good positive environment and that plays out a you know it's a chicken and egg question does winning produce a good clubhouse or does a good clubhouse produce winning it's a little bit of each other probably winning produces the good clubhouse a little bit more but there's times where you have a group of guys and it's just not very good a and that's not the case with this brew team it's a it's a bunch of guys were pool coup pull for each other and you know what when there's periods where the pitching stinks and the hittings going strong there's not that sense in the clubhouse from the from the position players that were caring you and then in this situation right now where the hitting is not going role well at the brewers are having a hard time scoring many runs in the pitching as the group that's carrying the team i don't think there's any sense from the pictures of work or carrying at right now it's everybody knows the ebbs and flows that exist during the course of a baseball season what is the lineup look like today it's a little bit different travis shaw had a scary situation yesterday see plane today why aren't that question will get you step for brewers baseball this is wisconsin sports weaken represented by miller lite we are live at the wisconsin state fair and we're back with more in a moment on wtmj okay forest animals kids are coming the forest and it's up to us to make their visit a good one sparrow have you practice the most popular burt songs for the year catchy i like a river how's the temperatures who refreshing shift eta degrees now love it turtle he.

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