Robin Brooke, Chief Economist, China discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Lot less rejoin our conversation now with robin brooke's managing director chief economist at the institute of international finance robin there thanks for sticking on here with us let's turn to china i've been looking at the numbers than i do look at the numbers quite often to china and we've seen ten straight quarters now a below seven percent growth in china but it spin so consisted six point eight six point seven or six point nine for ten consecutive quarters now better than expected in the fourth quarter is this an example of synchronized global growth or is this fake news coming from china to keep it so steady well look i mean i'm uh the synchronized story is that playing out the fact that developed market uh are doing well uh as good news for china um uh we have a growth forecast for the year of six thousand uh no surprise given that the quarterly numbers don't seem to move uh so i think uh conjunctural picture of the economy is fine i think uh beat risk is that the us administration year having done tax reform which obviously has been uh a big boon for corporations in the united states and wealthy people now pay that to something more populous than that would be trade and i think that's where china as it in the crosshairs we talk a lot about on the show and major structural challenges to address i mean what's the score on that front look at leverage over and china any way you cut it is very real uh i do lots of work and in fact we've britain on the uh extensive glee uh if you look at the variation over overtime and credit in china it's gone all over the place but as you guys just pointed out the gdp numbers are very stable uh and so the question is are there offsetting factors no doubt uh the government as many levers but it can pole there's also the external picture the stabilization and outflows that we've seen uh and that in that credit uh in china and the.

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