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In Pinellas county. We have southbound sixty six street north at is still shutdown between Jerry road and one hundred and second avenue north due to a serious crash. Think about Belcher instead also northbound Missouri avenue still blocked approaching jury at road you can use Ford Harrison or Highland avenue for an easier ride here and still very heavy across the Howard Franklin bridge into Tampa north onto seventy-five the Gandy bridge slow to Tampa page Carreira NewsRadio WFL a clear and chilly tonight. Mid sixties tomorrow, sixty five degrees now at NewsRadio WFL. A Florida's new attorney general was in Saint Petersburg today. Ashley moody announced the arrest of six people in the states latest human trafficking investigation. The teenage victim in this case was lured away from his family with promises of a better life. Instead, he was moved into a filthy trailer and used as a sex slave for nearly a year as a mother, I cannot begin to express how disturbing the facts. This case are to me moody said the teenage boy from Marion county was found in that trailer on twenty four th street north where he had been held captive for a year. Moody's said the boy was enticed by the suspects through a video game. The man charged with murdering her parents. So he could abduct thirteen-year-old Jamie clause has told police he targeted the teen after seeing her getting on the school bus boxes. Jeff monosso has more court documents show that Jake Paterson used a shotgun to blast his way past the close family front door October fifteenth shooting both James Antonis clause in the head before hog-tying thirteen-year-old, Jamie claws dragging her to his car and throwing her in his trunk holding her captive for nearly three months before her escape Thursday. The papers also show that Patterson has confessed to the crimes telling investigators that he tried several times to kidnap Jamie was scared off by lights people and cars in the driveway to twenty one year old Pederson has been charged with first degree murder and kidnapping. A startling new report. From the national safety council finds Americans are now more likely to die from an opioid overdose. Then a traffic accident council spokesman Ken coal ash lifetime the dying for an opioid overdose. Are one in ninety six while your chances of dying in a motor vehicle crash are one hundred and three according to the CDC sentinel is now the drug most responsible for drug overdose deaths in the US surpassing heroin which had led the list from two thousand twelve to two thousand fifteen Florida's new governor says there will be a new policy on the use of medical marijuana. Former governor Rick Scott went to court to try to prevent Florida patients from using the smokable form of medical cannabis the governor Rhonda Santa says that appears to violate amendment for which was approved more than two years ago. I think a lot of voters were frustrated that they don't think that it has been they think there's been a lot of foot-dragging. And so my job is to when the people speak. You know, you have to you have to listen to Santa's is dropping him. He'll end the state's appeal of a court ruling that allows patients to smoke their marijuana and asked the legislature to pass new law implementing the amendment..

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