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Instead seem to agitate him further as mentioned we paid a paltry somebody venerable estate to lead a small expedition to investigate the claims of work as the lad. Excavation site outfitted with only the most basic weaponry springfield m one. nine zero. three. With a bayonet from my time on the frontier about i which mr campbell said it was all he required on likely the only weapon he had any real proficiency with and a colt single action. Army revolver the intrepid. Ambrose did not arrive with a firearm. Which i suspect who's judah his lack of means and financial situation he instead carried a cudgel that had likely been put to work in the farm for dealing with pests in the end the weapons afforded us little hope against moore we would encounter down in the darkness of the excavations having been briefed provided with details of our discussion. Mr hodgson led us through the woods towards the latter excavations as we journeyed i regale ambrose with townsend my experiences during the frontier war. He listened wide wrapped as missed. Hodgson regarded him with a sad smile. He knew the intrepid -ness of youth and the tragedy which followed such an attraction to adventure upon recollection. The woods have taken darker and more sinister tone whether this is as a result of my experience or if it is actually the case i do not know for certain the only thing i can say truthfully. His ambrose noted the presence of a large amount of mistletoe and the surrounding trees and how it seemed to increase as we drew closer to our goal. Mr hodgson briefed us. The esteemed stuck risk state had been experiencing a number of workers who had either failed to report for duty or had fled due to the presence of bandits and nancy wells in the surrounding area. We issue them. These people have been waylaid and wrote after sweep of the woods. We found little to suggest the presence of a rating we saw no signs of camp and nothing to suggest that anything supported the theory bandits abducting ransoming or rubbing travelers all workers. It was this moment that matthew campbell suggested we return to the town and collects our reward. Mr hodgson adamantly opposed this idea and proposed the countess suggestion of exploring the excavation site to ascertain whether or not there was any signs. Brigands having setup encampment. Mr dalla vocally supported this suggestion. As a young man. He assumed everything would be an adventure and would end with the forces of good routing the evil he was too young to realize how a skirmish with thieves would only be quick violent. End wholly unfulfilling. I had learned that lesson already. I supported the idea. And we continue to watch the excavation site a group. Matthew campbell wasn't pleased with the outcome but knew that if he left the party now he would get nothing upon completion of our times. He did not seem to be in accordance with this turn of events and made his sentiment and onto us. Mr dallas was so energized by this prospect that all most dance through the woods. We drew close to the damnable side the entire time. He kept enquiring about mr hodgson. Send my income. I told him a few stories to help posits high while he listened with attention hungry for every detail as we prepared under the auspices of a tree riddled with so much mistletoe that it was near impossible to see the sky onto hates infestation. The excavation site was devoid of life. The silence vast surroundings hung like a poll over us yearning to be broken. We decided that atlantan would only served a let possible miscreants to our presence so we would press into the deep with only our weapons dow wits. God help us. They were not enough. Mister howard requested drink and was promptly denied ones you circumstances he became tattenham refused with recounting events until something was procured van wants a couple of spirit was provided. He drank it in a single draw. He found no respect in the strong drink and he continued his story. They excavation site was wholly uninteresting. It was what you would have expected from an abandoned site. The air was thick with dust and agitated our lungs. We refrained from for fear of giving away position as we ventured deeper into the darkness majority of the mining equipment we found had been haphazardly. Left strewn about in the tunnel as we proceeded deepa. The area grew darker. More difficult to navigate still. We refuse to use the lantin until week at ascertain whether or not brigands were bound. The darkness obscured a lot of detail. But i do remember noting that our uncertainty increased the further. We ventured into the depths. Now weapons brought us a small measure of comfort but the darkness was on most oppressive whereas most of the party was discouraged by the environment. Mr de laugh pressed on undaunting driven by the singular promise of adventure and excitement. Matthew campbell lingered behind the group thirty movements as if preparing to take flight at the slightest hint of danger. Ya mr hodgson pressed on with a grim determination of a veteran. We made progress deeper into the site by clinging to the wolves and proceeding with caution. It was here. We came across the depths purely by accident. Poor ambrose with the fest discover the descent. His hand slipped into the and he went tumbling down into the darkness with shocked cry. Mr hodgson was the first to react without a second bill. He threw himself into the hall. And slit to the bottom. I move next and tried to kathleen navigate the treacherous descent down to the other two. By the time. I reached them. Ambrose had regained his senses and with the help of ramsey rose to his feet. I surveyed the area around me and notice that climbing back out of the pants would be difficult task without robe all means to secure esl. I called up to matthew to tell him. We were unharmed and that he needed to find some means to help us. Extricate ourselves from our predicament. He promised he would try to find some wrote while some other way to help us out i requested he slide down the lantin so we may try to find somewhere but he stated that he needed the light to search the area. I tried to protest but by then the coward had fled and left asking the darkness. Luckily mr hodgson had a small amount of tin districts which could be used as our surroundings he struck the tend to stick and briefly illuminated the pins which revealed the desperation of our situation. The incline was fought too steep to try and ascend with no foot homes without risk fooling and badly injuring us. It appeared the excavation broken through to another cave system while mining the or out of this one before we can make out any more of the area. The light was extinguished by a slight gus. We watched in dispatch as the flame on one of the few tenders flickered went out. Our dispatch was quickly replaced by mr hudson's insightful nature. He reasoned that this deep in the cave. We shouldn't be subject acounts so the fact we have just experienced a warm breeze suggested we were close to an accident. Lifted by this full. Chew it's news. We proceeded in the direction of the wind all thoughts of finding any possible bandits and raising their encampment with forgotten in our search for an accident. We moved slowly through the blackness and groped along the wolves to keep on the right track. Ambrose dallas had suffered a slight sprain in the fall and had to pronounce limb but our encouragement drove him on. We came to the conclusion that we were ill. Equipped to deal with. Our current situation would need to regroup and request more funding before we were able to mountain effective expedition. Ramsey led the foreign into the blackness With his revolver and a few tenders with ambrose trailing behind us. The wind was in italy blowing and drawing us fall down the winding series of tunnels and fatter away from the light. We walked in complete darkness for a few minutes with nothing but the steady footfalls boots before ramsey decided to ignite another tin disdain. He fished one out of the cotton and it was upon striking the second indus take that he revealed the man standing reforms. The man was in such a disheveled state. He almost appeared like a wretched white straight. From a cautionary tale. I would have put him to the bane of my springfield. M one nine zero. Three had ramsey not stayed my hand. The man regarded us with wide eyes. That appears almost black. From the dilation of his pupils his clothes were filthy and he was no longer wearing boots. He was dreadfully thin and appeared sickly ambrose faithfully in quiet about his well-being but the man just look beyond us with an agape. Now as if in shocked or something beyond the veil of normal site he mouth words i could not comprehend with a tone and inflection which seemed completely alien to our group all attempts to rouse him from his trance proved fruitless. His experiences in time in the cave had rendered him semi catatonic and unaware of the world around him. We reasoned that we had come across one of the reported lost mines who had gotten lost in the dance. His harrowing experience had rendered him dumb and deaf to our inquiries tried to coaxing to come with us but he stood transfixed facing deeper into the tunnel. We eventually decided we didn't have the means to free him from his wretched reverie and the we would have to return for him laser when we had enough men to prepare make-shift transport for him one memory of the man's sticks with me which is that. He wasn't tired like the local miners who were thick clothes and cloths around their faces to protect themselves from boutique. Ulitsa and dust mites instead. This man was outfitted a gear. More befitting a traveler or wanderer given that no sane man would want to into a cave of their own volition. This leaves me with one essential inquiry. How many expeditions had been sent that before us. Mr is questioned was faded and he was provided with another drink which he gratefully accepted he wants. The game drank it in a single motion before continuing. We left the catatonic man behind. He refused to be moved closer to the exit while the wind was coming from and we did not have the numbers to forcibly extra him from that fall. I promised ambrose we would return for him. Once we were able to locate exits and regroup matthew. He assented and we continue down dissent with trepidation. Steadily willing up side. I tried to ignore the fact that the afla was leading deeper into the darkness and fed on the ground with each passing moment. The realization grew stronger. I told myself that the cave would eventually open up on some low lands. We would see the sun again. The further down we will the more close. the wolves became. We started out being able to reach either side of the walls. So the point where we could touch them without outstretched homes sir shrunk so much where we have to walk in single file and squeezed through crevices still repressed on onward following the intimacy puffs of wind driven by the promise of freedom and lines. The smell was hardly discernible as fast as the earth closed in around us and the dog. Screw it soon became apparent that the odor could not be ignored each time the breeze. What is way through the tight channel it brought with it. A singular smile we were forced to cover our faces with sleeves from at close to try and shield ourselves from the over powering sense. I cannot forget that malodorous sensation. As long as i live. It was the smell of rods. I assumed we had found the remains of the album. Man finally after squeezing through a path so tight that we had to draw breath just a pass through. We came to a large cavern. I wondered if this was the final chamber. Before the terminus of this excavation site the wind had now grown in strength and it buffeted us as we walked further into the abyss all blackness in darkness we could make out something in the center of the chamber. I missed a pool of stagnant water. Mr howitt grew despondent at this point in a retelling after few moments i decided to blame with another drink it took the moment of coaxing but i was able to convince him to accept this offer. He dragged this cup slowly as if trying to delay the conclusion of his team after he finished with the spirits he pressed all we all approached it curious to figure out what the object walks mr hodgson and mr death reached the thing fast in their at the prospect of a new discovery. They pushed forward into the murky water. It was my hesitation to enter the stagnant water so hastily which saved me the brunt of the horror the soon as he was within reach of the object mr hodgson struck the tend to stay illuminated the room words cannot describe the abomination we witnessed. But i will try for the sake of my final request. The thing in the center of the room was a large massive flesh. It looked like a tangled jumble of sinew skin and sin similar to what a carrion bird would disgorge when it feast it too much on the debt. I could make out fingers and toes And legs and torsos and heads writhing and wriggling. In the abominable amalgamation the fusion of fetid flesh was covered in a sickly slick viscous which encapsulated. it's form it pulsed with fiendish frequency. I thought i could see through the slick layer of membrane to something inside. But i was too far away. Ambrose was not spat that massey. Everything seemed to happen at once. Ambro shrieked as if a searing her had been driven into his nervous system. Off in the distance. I could hear the sound of voices alerted by. Ambrose is panicked yelling. We are not alone this thing and something told me we would not want to meet me up. Their voices were distant. But i heard enough to identify their you relations and gibbering nonsense. As they grew in volume they sounded almost tribal in nature. Struck tend to stick was extinguished by the wind things generate. It's breathing then. The true madness began ramsey drew his revolver in response to the site of the thing that should not be and fired blindly into its mass the muzzle flash lit up the cavern in brief bursts and revealed something moving underneath the water towards ramsey in response to his attack. I tried to shout a warning to him but he was too busy screaming and trying to reload to heed my words before he could finish reloading the river the fleshy mass which was part of the monstrous mound meets encircled him an pinioned his arms down to his also charged forward into the water in an attempt to save my compatriot. From the malcolm. I stopped my bayonet into the twisted tendrils tendons watching it in with a sick slushing sound but it did nothing to weaken. Its hold on my companion. It held tied to him and constricted his movements resulting. Shriek sounded from the mass. And i could hear the others yowling in sympathy as they hasten to the creatures aid ramsey struggled against the flesh is drew him towards the misshapen mass in the center of the cabin but it was too powerful. I could do nothing but walsh is. The tender drew him towards the riding shape. Impressed him against the us on ramsey's pleas for help turn into incoherent screams as viscous fluid make contact with his skin. Whether the us was sick or just facilitated the fiendish ause moses. I cannot be show. All i know is how painful it sounded. Ramsey tried to pull himself free. And i watched in horror as the skin on the side of his face. Sloughed off rated contact vile substance but it clung to him and incorporated him deeper into its mass. At this moment. Ambrose reached my side and stood with me before the embalming nation whereas ramsey's military experience steeled him against such grotesque sites. Ambrose was wholly. I'm prepared for the imagery of decay death and destruction. He was not familiar with the cloying stench of death nor methods of how to persevere in his eyes said everything he had seen what was inside the mess he knew the creatures truthful and that revelation blasted his mind to fragments he held tight onto. My coat is thousands of is inside. He repeated those words endlessly as if transmitting the message to me and might give him some sort of silence. I pretended i didn't know what he meant with those words. I didn't want to know what he had seen. We should irreversibly altered him. I tried to pull myself free in common. But he was passed the realm of senator. John rationale he grabbed me tighter. Drew me closer to him while trying to vocalise what he'd seen. I could hear others drawing. Perhaps they were minors wondrous. Perhaps they were other. Expeditions sent forth from the august stoker state intrigue by the promises of riches unaware that only reward will be paid for in blood and lunacy. Ambrose data had fallen victim to them machinations. He was slipping into the abyss. And pulling me with mister howard hesitated this part and a draft beer was provided for him. He said at the mog for a few moments before continuing the tale without drinking ambrosi shrieking about is twitching manuals only serve to disturb me and draw those wretched worshippers to our location. If any of us stood a chance at survival we would need to flee now while the thing was distracted and the others were not around apprehend us ambrose however would not let me go. He was dragging me deeper into the darkness. Desolation of that place. I did the only thing i do. I stuck the bayonet into amro's is throat and iran. God help me. Iran ambrose choked had a few words. I broke free of his grandma's. I ignored them and ran back the way i had. Come sprinting through the darkness. Colliding and ricocheting off the walls. I could hit the animalistic cries of hord. Descend upon god's chamber. I tried to ignore the sound of struggling and screaming. But it came unbidden to my ears on site. I wanted how those raving madman survived in such close proximity to that malevolent mass. I came to a horrifying realization. It's let them live. Everything needs substance the fleshy. Shell encapsulating the thing. It was almost like a cocoon almost embryo on. It's needed them. I broke most of my fingernails climbing out of the pits. Back into the mind. But i was to harry to carry that moment. All i remember was running with the sounds of their feet following me and their ravings ramblings bouncing around in the dogs poss- by matthew trying to fend off a number of this psychotic supplicants. Who would ambush them but they were too many. And i was in no condition to help would to a craven child. I could only hide in the dots. As the madman fell upon matthew dragged him towards the cabin may were caked in sweat and were in various stages of undress skin along their arms was riddled with teeth marks and sections of missing flash. They bobbled nonsensical words to each other but only they could comprehend as they subdued matthew. Once i was certain they had passed. I continued fleeing could hear them behind me searching the darkness and cackling what happened to matthew. I do not know. Perhaps he is still down gibbering and driven mad by the things he will be forced to witness. He may have been an uncouth and unsavory character but no one deserves to suffer such a faint from the horrors of that expedition. I could do nothing but try to come to terms with my cowardly craven actions. The worst thing that haunts me still was ambrose woods. As i stuck my bayonet into the hollow of his throat. I couldn't hear him planning.

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