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At two students are dead seventeen others hurt in a shooting inside marshall county high school in kentucky landon korbut are a recent graduate says his girlfriend who is a students sent him attack getting a attack for my girlfriend painters owed a shooter in school is never what i wanted to wake up birth thing that went through my mind was just you know if she say that kinda jumped jumped you know some the other other people that i know are they say the 15yearold suspect is in custody son california marijuana growers are trying to block state rules that could open the way for vast pot farms that could drive them out of business inner suit the grows claim stay regulations would allow businesses to buy up an unlimited number of growing licences creating large farms that could have a devastating affect koogle's parent company alphabet inc was the biggest spender when it comes to washington lobbying paying lobbyist more than thirteen and a half million dollars last year i'm tip acquire attorney general jeff sessions has been interviewed in the russia election meddling probe as ap washington correspondent cyclamic any reports sessions recused himself from the investigation in march the justice department confirmed special counsel bob muller's team spent hours would sessions last week he's thought to be the highest ranking trump administration official interviewed by muller's investigators are looking into contacts by the trump presidential campaign and russia they've also been investigating whether the president obstructed justice would some of his actions in office including firing fbi director jim kolbe sessions is seen as a potentially important witness since the president initially said he fired call me at the justice department's recommendation saga remain ghani at the white house republicans the democrats have until february eight to come up with an immigration solution but as ap washed corresponded starter mcgarvy reports president trump is already casting doubt it'll habitats the new deadline for an agreement on protecting young immigrants brought to the country illegally asked hits the president tweets nobody knows for sure whether republicans and democrats will be able to reach a deal by then though he says every one we'll be trying demands from senate democrats to come up with protection for those immigrants led to the government shutdown and gop chief mitch mcconnell's pledge do take up immigration proposals pave the way toward reopening it saga remain ghani at the white house tesla ceo ilan moscow will remain with the.

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