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I thought that they were going to be relatively nowhere. But fell their way a bit. They had okay qualifying. But yeah, I mean, to come 8 and ten for our intense. That's a pretty decent result, I would say it's more decent than that. I was expecting it to be definitely. I was not expecting to do well this weekend, but to the credit they have got both the guys into the points despite being in the wars for Esteban ocon. Well, let's talk about Nicolas Cage as well as a standard just missed out on points in 11 farron and like I said, I faded a standout job. He was ahead of George Rus during the sprint. He was ahead of him during the race today. I think he was slightly hurt by the safety car. But, you know, he was looking like a steady pair of hands, just going about his job and hopefully he'll get a point for it. Yeah, I think that would be a really good reward for him. He's quietly impressing everyone, isn't it? He's not. This page driver is keeping Williams afloat anymore. He's showing that now that Williams have obviously got the financial backing of Donaldson capital. And that they've got a car that's pretty drivable. He can deliver some really good performances. And that's only going to take his stock higher. And he impressed in some races in F two, which is kind of why he also got the seat at Williams. So it's clearly there on some merit. And everyone, everyone brings some backing, you know, like Lewis Hamilton brings the big brand Tommy Hilfiger to Mercedes. And that will help them. And the Latifi brand will help Williams maybe in a more impactful way. But what he's also heard from Williams is his performances. He's driving solidly. He finishes races, so you can't ask for much more. If you're not going to finish in the points, you need to finish the race of the team, the data to then improve the car and understand.

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