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Morning and welcome to the best of it this in the login and Lewis I'm your host millennial grant hope you're having a great new year's day we're going to start this thing off with a couple comedy interviews that we've had the last few months thanks to our friends over at comedy works the first interview we have here today is the Sklar brothers a very unique identical twin team that has been doing stand up and TV for many years they get in to how they stand out from the crowd not fitting into a genre finding their niche in comedy and the greatest influences in their career inside and outside the world of comedy most notably the Beastie Boys who happen to be from New York just like the Sklar brothers would jump into things when Dave in record discussing their chair height and how Dave makes Rick feel inferior when he sitting above him let's jump right into the interview here's a school are brothers with Dave Rick and Kathy Lee hope you enjoy the Sklar brothers are here Randy is Jason what's up guys hi guys yeah right now you can walk in hello yeah it's just let let's just ask them because what let's just ask so if one of your chairs yeah were higher than the other for the one you're better for the one the slower would it bother you yeah yeah of course did they do this on the V. all the TV talk shows right at the host always to tire I mean the Andy Kaufman famously if you look back he did like a special one eight you can see it we the last of us I was at the museum of television right I bet it's on mine in a coffin distress to where his desk was still a host of a show on believe Colin cowherd count I'm my name is that a joke he small he is but look at how he sits on my cell high he's really Colin cowherd is like in the light of that tape six five already there we have my chair was too high for my part you get it what if his chair is below years and he's just that much toss it would bother me what about six to sixty two and a half he six five he was he was like that this is a no reckless is six two because he said I'm six two and a half he's got a AB all right that that's funny let me say off the anything really exist cow herd as well so I mean look up power and it's the funny right is funny so but I understand how that but essentially for me and Jason then if why chair is way lower than J. since I'm like wait a minute here you think he's that much more important than I am while I am to get you guys kill me and sort of fortified Rick's I I I just said I was worried about Rick there would bother him it shouldn't matter it should not sure how I feel right it should matter matter I like you go to a family dinner and there's like one share that's the folding chair because it's not part of the whole thing because right didn't anticipate nine people coming there and so you're at the dinner and everybody's eating normally and then you're just like reaching up to cut the I feel that out that out that's how to that every table that is so terrible Jose Altuve a guy like he's he's denying a lift them up a little bit I was that you remember the first time the Astros won the world says yes just won the World Series two years ago yes ago and and qureia turns to his girlfriend on the field at the time and proposes to her without uniform of a moment not caught on camera they both turned and they both adopted Jose Altuve and I thought that was they're a nice day we can't we can't complain eastern other play now they might want to giving back okay I don't even blame Houston Houston historically great but the nationals are just the buzz saw a man you can't stop work cardinals fans they came in and just destroyed the car in a way that like it makes you say are you guys try what's happening out here allies is legit it's like you just they were beating the carnal so bad that like people were basically looking back at the season to be like what you guys really made no changes at the trade deadline yeah all that stuff comes out when you're watching up what it's like whenever Manu Ginobili was playing bad for the spurs you would notice is bald spot more yeah well he's really really man are you going to wear that the Japanese nylon jacket it's a little warm but I love as Japanese I get a lot a lot for the Robert Kraft give it to him after a massage okay wow okay let's just say there was a happy ending man oh man so so you know I I've always wanted to ask you this for you guys you're so good together the timing is so good together when it wanted to become apparent to you this was sort of going to be your deal I don't ever early ahead yeah young we we were doing comedy in high school I mean that now that's a long time ago but I don't think we ever thought we could do it as a living it felt like too much of a dream that we came out of college you both got accepted to different law schools we were on our way to going to he was going to DC I was going to Atlanta and we just hit the pause button were like look of we don't try this right now if we don't just give it a shot who knows what could happen we moved to New York and we were terrible and we quit after like six months why we're not good enough and then something great happen in New York we took a sketch writing class at Chicago city city limits they always say this those who can't do teach and our teacher was this guy who were like this guy so funny why isn't this guy working he's a great sketch writer he and his brother his name is Justin Stangl and his brother Eric Stangl a year later went on to become the head writers of the David Letterman show so how do we know this guy and he was like you guys are funny he gave us a lot of confidence we writing sketches said you guys are funny don't give up and then this whole new movement in comedy started call the alternative county movement which was really exciting for us as like indie rock you know I mean it was the differently yeah it was an alternative to what was expected in the early nineties there was so much comedy on TV and if a fat guy got up there you were like I could do was whole act he's gonna say cut my leg opening grave is gonna pour out we know you're all your jokes bro before even say it so when we were twins coming on stage which is worse tired of just we didn't want to DO twin jokes you want to do something different we wanted to show the relationship by our sim biosis the same thing you caught on to when you said when you watch us there's like a flow between you guys out its allies acted in Maloney they're very like sports analogies like the receiver you know we we're talking a because we did a bunch of the NFL that work we're talking to Ike Taylor when he was working there were like what's the difference between Erin Riley he'll year D. back you faced all these guys Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Tannehill are eight I mean I get your Rogers Tom Brady Peyton manning what's the difference with those guys and the low and just one tier below he said Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady can put the ball into a one foot by one foot square that either I have to interfere at pass interference or I got a hope the guy drops it or I got I just knock habit not get called like I go all over his back and not get caught that's the only way he's beating me no matter what and also like those guys are throwing the ball before the receivers are out of their breaks so like they're throwing into a spot they know he knows Aaron Rodgers knows when his drivers you know they're gonna be there so is that trust so that it's like Stockton and Malone they just knew like he knew exactly what he was gonna roll up that pick and he would just put it exactly where it needed to be and that was just brilliant said that you guys that I up we try I think we don't we all right did you guys do talk as one person I've known you guys a long time and people may remember you from cheap seats so I think that's when you guys first kind of blew up and that'll show so yeah one rush we did a show on MTV in ninety seven called apartment to after that was a crazy show because the cat cast members were Zach Galifianakis was a cast member Stephen Cole bear did the the first episode we have all learned Amy Poehler from and all these people I mean the stand ups this is a sitcom with stand ups and short films kind of magazine ads and sketches and the stand ups on that show were Patton Oswalt Patrice Oneal bill Burr Jim Norton I'm we had the is ninety seven is that all these people to stand up on the show they were met Jeff frosted the show was great so we did that and then we got cheap seats which was sports in comedy which you know what's amazing is that a ton athletes watch cheap seats back in the day we were just talking we had Glendon Rusch on our former pitcher for the Chicago Cubs among many others and he said back in the two thousand four he got understand we're cardinals fans deep dyed in the wool were stainless cardinals fans and Glendon Rusch the time was back in two thousand four he in Kerry wood a young care would like twenty strikeout KTM's jobs and Dempster the said we used to sit around the clubhouse watch cheap seats that we had one show on the on the old TV are now is it is I keep these while whole thing and he's like we just sit around and watch you got that's on ESPN ESPN classic with her ever right sick for like ten years yeah and is no longer on there but like it was just such a great job and people have said because now like Berman is doing highlights on ESPN plus and there's sort of bringing back small chest I think we need to approach ESPN plus right let's do that right prize they they they didn't bring it back you know it was one of those shows that took a lot of risks and I think because we flew under the radar we were able to take some shots and some risks at because we came out and we said look we.

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