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I'm shumita Basu delivery workers. In New York City often defy both traffic and traffic laws to deliver that pad Thai or pizza well in October of two thousand seventeen mayor de Blasio announced a crackdown on electric bicycles which are popular among delivery cyclists across the city. But he also said that the crackdown would focus on businesses. Not the delivery workers themselves here to update us on the story is Gotham mists. Christopher robin's. Good morning. Christopher. I thanks for having me. Of course. So the NYPD recently issued a memo to all of its officers clarifying what they're supposed to do when they stop someone on an e bike. What does that mental say the memo basically tells police officers to obey the law because the law currently states that if someone's on an e bike, and they're delivering food the citation should go to the business. The restaurant not the delivery cyclists themselves, and what's been happening. So far the cyclists have been getting the citation. Correct. And the. The fines are five hundred dollars plus the seizure of their e bike. And for a lot of these cyclists who are immigrants that is a lot of money to them. And so now the onus will be on the businesses to pay the fines. Now's the workers. So how will officers know which restaurant the delivery workers are employed by if they stop them on the street. They're supposed to interview the cyclist and see if they're writing for personal reasons or for work, and if they're writing for work if the businesses nearby they're supposed to go physically to that restaurant in issue a citation to the business. So with all these shifts in how the rules are being enforced. Our delivery cyclists going to keep using e bikes or does it seem smart not to? You know, there's food deliveries a huge businesses in New York, and they will keep using the e bikes right now, it's going to be interesting period to see, you know, if the restaurants pay the fines and get the bikes back if delivery workers are comfortable telling the police officers, you know, where they work so they can issue their bosses a fine. And there's also legislation pending in the city council to legalize you bikes. So there's a lot going on Christopher Robin's of Gotham missed. You can read his story on our homepage. Thank you. Thanks so much. edition.

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