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See I. We prolly Ali where the sweater to whatever venue. You're going to and I would definitely have the MOMS Jersey underneath that when you are bringing in the past and the present Along with you tennis game I love eleven. Were running on one minute here so really quickly really quickly predictions my prediction. I'm going to say the chief surrogate run away a little bit more than people think they are. And I'm going with the the chiefs forty four four and the forty niners twenty-four Chris Seven Kansas City with a win your deal and obviously obviously Kansas City sealed with a victory. Chris I want to save real quick. It's been a pleasure this whole season announcing chiefs football and talking about what we love the most. Thank you so much. This is it Chris until until you know the Super Bowl it's up to it's up to the chiefs now. It's up to the chiefs. Chris Chris it was a pleasure likewise you had to tell everybody who's been listening. Thank you very much all right. We'll look Kim city that is going to wrap up our season here and forty eight short hours. They can't use will take on the San Francisco Forty niners and Super Bowl fifty four Kansas City. Get up and get excited. This is fifty. y'All long years of waiting. We have a lot to look for to embrace this moment right here because the fun has just begun to handle business Kansas City. Thank you for tuning..

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