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Zumra Dow risking her life to speak with gossip seen the economist. Jason Palmer in the intelligence podcasts he spoke with got a bit more about Zumra story and the plight of wheat in China I mean, her story is not uncommon as that's right over the past few years we've heard more about the camps, the Gulag Incheon John, but in reality, gutty describes the whole province kind of surveillance states within what is already surveillance state. Every move is watched their high-tech tracking APPs people were forced to use low tech networks of of neighbors forced to report on neighbors. China's government justifies all this by saying they're making Xinjiang safer. They're doing it in the interest of the week or people making them happier. But the the camps, the surveillance isn't even the worst of it. No Zumra mentioned her three children and yet she was still detained a I know an important part of this reporting by your colleagues was the separation of parents from children. Yeah the the reporting indicates that around a quarter million of the region's nearly three million workers under the age of fifteen had had at least one parent detained that there's even a vocabulary. The authorities have developed for it words for single hardship or double hardship depending on whether one or both parents were in the camps at the end of last year almost a million weaker kids from adults down to infants have been placed in these boarding facilities where only mandarin, Chinese is spoken. There's cultural indoctrination. The whole thing looks like a way to to chip away at everything that makes these people leaguers that religion culture, the language. It is flabbergasting. Jason. I want to play another portion of from your podcasts intelligence. You touched upon this earlier how the Chinese government is playing big brother in how the warriors are under constant surveillance. This surveillance goes beyond Xinjiang, doesn't it? It does another segment in the show takes us to London. The remote surveillance is happening right here where I am and indeed all over the world it's estimated. There's about four hundred workers in London and I spoke to John Phipps who spent about a year getting to know some of them they all know each other and and yet there's fear there are spies even within their community John Describes, a vivid sign of going to a restaurant with some of them..

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