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I'm not that long. Verse, if you're a boxing to make the argument either way, but she's amazing. So she's she's trained in anime. Now you watched this happen, she's been at the gym for what a year. Yeah. How does she look talk to me? What does she go house or ground game? What are your, what are your predictions? She's been working heavily solely on being able to understand MMA so she's understanding the parts. Get back to her feet, they're just used to doing it. And I've actually been excited actually been a corporate, a lot more kicks into her game. With that being said, though, I think they should go work out there just Gus's Chicken. Just clean straight, right. Break your jaw right. But how is her takedown defense? Surprisingly got better so long way better than when she first started it cuz she's actually a good athlete. But she can under. Like, when people try to explain things to her like, hey, you need to control the head and do this. She looks like you have a Blank Stare. Like, what the hell did you do to say? Like, it's a dog language, but then, when she, when she sees you do it, then she can and it, like, mimic it. Exactly. So she's, she's got the perfect person helping her in Holly cuz that's the person who exactly what she's trying to do. And also she's a different weight class. Doesn't like she has to worry about. Oh, I don't get this girl too good because then she yeah, so I'm excited now. I think the pflp trying to make Kayla Harris adverse Clarissa Shields. It seems like they're going because both of them are gold medalist, both to time. Gold medalists, they're both going to be undefeated in MMA. How do you see that? A fight going down. It's going to be it's going to be interesting cuz it's going to be like that. Old-time classic between Striker, versus a very proud were and like we're, you know, we're still going to sit there and be able to go ahead and keep her have that did not arrange but man, Michaela is going to sit there and try to hit that nice judo throws that she has been. She's been, that's what she's been dominating all the FL with. So I'm excited to kind of see what's going to happen if who can dictate what pays in the house going to go. You're both mean to. They're both like me like, not like in a bad way, but they're both Fighters. They have that fucking that kill you attitude. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's crazy. Bill, any final questions for the great John the magician Dodson. Hey, man, serious. You're, you're one of my favorite Fighters. One of my favorite personality of, see, I Loved You on The Ultimate Fighter as well as you fight a game. I want to see back then, I can't wait. When when is your best friend again, by July 30th? Yes, and this is a good, it's a good promotion. Is it going to be on Fight Pass? Is going to be on telly truth. I have no idea. Like they asked me if I want to fight this dude was like yeah, I don't turn down fights. Let's go, let's go do this I'll take this one up right now. So don't take them lightly. He's good, he's good. I'm not taking them lightly at all. I just realized that.

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