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In the end. He was neither rewarded or punished. Incident was a major embarrassment for the soviet establishment which had created the satellite system. The satellites detected a missile launch by looking for the heat signature which comes from the rocket. That's why to this day. Americans and russians notify each other before rocket is launched. What they believe happened on september twenty six. Nineteen eighty-three is that the soviet satellites detected the light of the sun reflecting off the clouds at just the right angle that was why the satellites detected a launch but the ground base radar. Didn't americans estimate that if the soviets were to have launched there might have been between eighty to a hundred and eighty million deaths just on the american side. The americans of course would have responded in kind killing an additional fifty to one hundred ten million more people the story of stanislav petrov and what happened on september twenty six. Nineteen eighty-three wasn't released to the public for over ten years it wasn't until the soviet union claps that knowledge of that day became public as it turns out. This wasn't the first or last time that a nuclear close call like this has happened in nineteen sixty two during the cuban missile crisis. A soviet submarine was being hit with depth charges and thought that war had already started. They were going to fire a nuclear torpedo at an american ship but that action required three senior officers on board to be an agreement. One officer vasili arkhipov descended and the nuclear torpedo was never launched on january twenty. Fifth nineteen ninety-five the soviets picked up another launch. Which was taken all the way up to russian president. Boris yeltsin he declined to launch and it turns out it was an american slash norwegian research rocket which was just not announced. As for stanislav petrov. He was quietly reassigned after the incident later left the military and had a nervous breakdown after the collapse of the soviet union. He was eventually growing his own food to survive. When the story of the events of nineteen eighty-three finally became public. Petroff was finally given the recognition. He deserved he was given several modest cash prizes by peace groups from around the world which helped his financial situation immensely stanislav petrov passed away in two thousand seventeen at the age of seventy seven when he died he had the distinction having perhaps saved more lives in an immediate and direct fashion than any other person in human history. You associate producers have everything everywhere daily. Are peter bennett. And thor thomsen. If you'd like to support the show please join the list of patrons over at patriotair dot com and also remember if you leave a review or send me a question you too can have it. Read on the show.

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