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I'm Pam who so Fox News that from former President George W. Bush, as the nation remembers Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis. We are mourning the loss of probably one of the top five nonviolent figures. Uh, the of the last century on and the beginning of this new century House Democrat Emanuel Cleaver off Missouri. The flag of the U. S. Capitol has been lowered to half staff. So has the one on top of the White House. But we haven't heard yet from President Trump about Lewis's passing president. Trump has mentioned John Lewis, but not in about 3.5 years. He actually Tweeted about him three days before the inauguration in January 2017 specifically January 17th 2017. Congressman Lewis once said that he didn't see Donald Trump as a legitimate president. He boycotted his inauguration and remained a fierce critic of the president's policies. Fox's David spawned Lewis, who was 80 lost a battle to pancreatic cancer. Another towering figure of the American Civil rights movement, has died. The Reverend C. T. Vivian, a key adviser of Dr Martin Luther King, died yesterday of natural causes. He was 95. Restoring order to the streets of Portland, Oregon, is a tall order as law enforcement officers continue to clash with protesters. What's happening right now are absolute criminals. They're willfully organizing, planning and coordinated and preparing themselves and bringing weapons to these areas with the intent to destroy federal property acting Commissioner of U S Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan on Fox's Caputo Live Sitting, officials say militarized federal officers are pulling protesters into unmarked vehicles. America's listening to Fox News And now a game of commercial chicken. Brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance. Ready? Go. So, um Have you noticed how everyone's grammar is completely awful now? Like, you know, the texting and the Hello, Els..

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