Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s Office Declines to Prosecute Hate Crime


Women. You are on social media influencers. Even the doll posted a video to her half million instagram followers of her getting the news from an LAPD detective on the phone right now, As of today, all the charges have been dropped, and he is released from custody and he was no longer in jail Video of the Hollywood Boulevard beating and robbery against her and two other women who are trans was live streamed streamed by by onlookers onlookers who who did did nothing nothing to to help help him him even even wrote. wrote. The The DEA DEA rejected rejected the the case case due due to to not not enough enough evidence. evidence. This This isn't isn't even even about about us. us. This This is is about about the the entire entire community, community, not not just trans, then hire LGBT community is about everyone even told her followers. She and the others now fear for their lives. And they're hoping the D A. Will refile charges. Emily Valdez que next. 10 70 news radio. And in a statement, Okay, An exodus office says it has asked for more investigation, and once that is

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