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And how they turn out. But dick made that observation that. You know, I hadn't thought about it dick until you brought it up could have been Alamo Elliot's chairman, and I am majoring. He wouldn't I am certain. He wouldn't have put out a full page ad like the one I was criticizing yesterday. Chairman of the of a Boeing writes his first name just to signature of his first name come on. You kidding me? You're talking about three hundred plus people who died, and he's wants to be buddy buddy with us. Yeah. It's it's just a really tough time. You know, Alan came to Detroit at a time when we really needed him and really helped us get helped Ford and really helped our communities so happy to have him. Sorry that what's going on in this former company this, by the way, helping you guys have helped out in the community. You've had a great deal of involvement. I touched on it a little bit with Steven Stein. Our the chairman president CEO of Huntington. Why don't you give us a little bit more about how how this is working now in the strategic neighborhood fund? Actually, we're really excited about the neighborhood. So there's ten neighborhoods and Tonga's coming on. But one of the things I'm not sure I can say this, but I'm going to anyway, so Huntington is actually gonna be involved in the Warren Cody Rouge neighborhood. I don't think that those are announced but Tanya and the skillman foundation is involved in the Codey Rouge, Warren Dale neighborhood. So is. Alone. So we're really excited to partner with the residents of Cody Rouge one day off and make a difference that they want in their neighborhood. Not what we want what they want and their needs. That's what I love about the strategic neighborhood part public private partnership. It's about what the residents need for work for play for walking, you know, just basic human needs like groceries and shopping, and so whatever their needs are. That's what we wanna do is deliver it, and so we as long as several other organizations. Our commitment is a million dollars a year for five years and the foundations are engaged other. Private companies are engaged. It's it's gonna make a difference. We have to get to the neighborhoods, and we have to revive the neighborhoods as the residents want them. We're going to get more into that with Tanya Allen coming up in about well about three minutes from now president and. CEO of the skillman foundation. We're here at Huntington banks twenty nine thousand nine economic outlook breakfast after Detroit athletic club. Sandy Pearce of Huntington Bank is co-hosting. She bought this opportunity at Mitch Albom say Detroit radiothon. We're thrilled to have her with us. And we'll continue in a moment here at seven forty..

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