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What do you think is going on there congressman? I mean I have to believe that. The Republicans in the house know how terrible he is right. Do they think he's great? I think you know I. This is a very sad observation. I think it is almost exclusively. A result of their desire to protect their own elections. I mean there's really no other explanation evidences too overwhelming and so I think they recognize that in their districts in a Republican primary. He still has wildly popular. And they're afraid of him. They're afraid of his backing a candidate against them and losing their seat. And you know I test myself all the time I think well suppose Lou Clinton one and suppose it turned out the Russians helped her and she welcomed their assistance and then she appointed these horrible people to be in our cabinet and then she stood in Helsinki and undermined our intelligence community and sided with Putin. And then she cozied up to Kim Jong UN and then she tried to blow up NATO and then she put children in cages were now would I still be. I'M GONNA be calling for. I had become free to step down as I'd say no I wouldn't support it and I said well suppose she was going to run in a primary against me in Rhode Island the night probably lose but I wouldn't betray my country to protect the candidates supported and I think in the end. That's what these individuals are doing. They are betraying their country in that the institutions at this present is attacking have been the envy of the world. They've made America. The strongest greatest democracy in the history of the world and they're watching president undermine a free press the rule of law an independent judiciary and they're allowing him to do it and not raising their voices in order to protect their own political future and to me that is just so wrong and so disappointing and I searched for another explanation. Because I'd like to think well maybe they just believe in but I think the other piece of it which we don't hear a lot about is he's also promoting agenda which many in the Republican Party have promoted or worse huge tax cuts for the richest people in this country taking away healthcare and claim the ACA unconstitutional rolling back regulations. That are destroying our environment. So I mean they're putting on the core people who are hostile to women hostile to lgbtq equality hostile to choice. So I mean they're getting what they want. I think so long as he's moving forward on the agenda that they're committed to they're not prepared to break ranks from him. You GotTa think that this is going to affect so many generations after just even these last three and a half years. Let's say he's a one term president. I mean we're still looking at a generational damage here. Is there any accountability for president anymore? After this or do you think trump and McConnell of you know rendered impeachment permanently. No I think in a very ironic twist to this. They reinvigorated the ultimate accountability. Which is our democracy because ultimate accountability is going to happen in November in the end. We're going to have had to wait too long. For Accountability and too much damage will have been done because we could have had accountability to Senate had done their job but the good news is that ultimately the American people are going to hold him accountable because ultimately in November. They're going to decide. Do we want to give this president who has worked on behalf of the richest most powerful people in this country and undermined the institutions that have made our democracy great has attacked immigrants women and the eligibility Cuny and they're going to make him a one term president and they're gonNA send packing the Republicans who enabled this and so I think in the end. We will have accountability by the most powerful voice in the country. That's the people of this country. Voter turnout nearly doubles in. Virginia as DEM's are fired up and ready to dump trump super Tuesday hasn't just been a good night for former vice president. Joe Biden who continues to rack up big wins in states all across the country. It's also a huge night for the Democratic Party. As turnout is through the roof in places that the eventual nominee will need to win in order to defeat Donald Trump in November. But you're right that it'll be generations before we repair the damage. This president has done not only to the environment not only to human rights but to are standing in the world. I serve on the Foreign Affairs Committee and it still remarkable to me how much people Miss American leadership. And what a difference. American leadership has made in the world and they sort of look at you and when you go to meetings with sort of really troubled look on their visit. What happened to America and I assure them America's and change or the same great country. We're going through a difficult period but you know America will be back. It's a really important point because I I wonder. Should the American people have faith in the government? After all of this. It's a fair question. I mean American. People have seen the government respond to the most powerful special interests that exists in that continues to be the case in. This president is rolling back environmental regulations to reward fossil fuel companies and giving huge tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and the most successful corporations in this country refusing to support commonsense gun legislation to respond to the demands of the gun lobby refusing to work with Democrats to lower prescription drug prices to respond to the demands of Big Pharma. We ran on a commitment to demonstrate that we would work for the people of this country and focused on three principal issues. Driving down. Healthcare costs particularly prescription drugs raising family incomes by rebuilding the infrastructure our country and making a real investment there and taking on a serious way the corruption and self dealing in Washington. And we've got to deliver on those promises I so I think there's a real reason for people to wonder like this government actually worked for them. The good news is if people look at the work we've done in the house it's been one of the most productive. How sessions in modern history? We've passed over four hundred pieces of legislation. Two hundred and seventy-five bipartisan bills. They address the urgent priority. The American people bills to drive down the cost of prescription drugs to protect coverage for existing conditions to reauthorize the von's against Women Act Universal background checks. Hr One the biggest anti corruption. Bill since Watergate and the list goes on and on so I think people want to have a sense of what the world might look like what the country might look if Democrats retain the House win back the Senate and elected Democratic president. We can make all these great ideas reality but only half the work done in two thousand eighteen. We took back the House and Mitch McConnell. As long as he's the Senate majority leader. We're not going to see progress on any issue of than appointing judges. Many of whom don't deserve to be judges and you know that's that's the most terrified is because that's many generations so I think people should look at the work. We're doing if they believe that. That's the right agenda for our country. Help US take the Senate back hold onto. The house elected Democratic president. And we can get to work on the urgent priorities of the American people. Yeah I think that that's where my frustration lies though you know. Four hundred bills in the house have passed. Three quarters of them are bipartisan. And eighty percent of them are sitting on McConnell's desk and the Senate is doing absolutely nothing and so I have a hard time keeping the faith that our government is working. Because it's so divisive right now and it's everyone's so calcified in this very Republican Democrat left right and I don't know that the government can properly work if we don't commit to working together. I think that's in many ways. What the opposition wants. The opposition wants people like you and people like me to sort of give up and think you know what it doesn't matter. Nothing's going to change. Because their voters the people who are supporting the trump vision of America. They're going to vote. They're gonNa vote no matter what and so the more. They can discourage people who disagree to vote. The more advantageous will be bipartisanship on all those issues. I just mentioned in fact. The president's spoke about driving down prescription drug prices. He talked about an infrastructure. Bill talk about draining. The swamp actually done those things but I think if he's serious about that he's GonNa Find Willing Democrats in the house Willing to work with him. The truth is there's a lot of bipartisan work. Being done you know as I said of those four hundred bills two hundred and seventy five of them. Enjoy bipartisan support. Almost every major bill introduced. I look for.

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