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Without any feel like. That's an issue what they would suppressed at what is happening. Would you say in order to actually make those dot will be blocking if you think about that. The only thing that separates us right. There's no such thing. Yeah like people already got more people on on. Pike aston blog post although they these in the still hear. Your voice in thirty six markets is still says a struggle. I was into it because it puts me off was going on and has been said in a way that i could completely grasp what this was. One hundred markets is one out of thirty mail. Buddy count like that. Yeah hundred plus. And plus. When i was doing a map but last get outta leno. You gotta go. Do you ever regret anything. You have said or done to anybody. You know what the apologize like. A bus is of them. Alanthea's my chances are were the mallet. A union opponent as gallegos. Don like at ucla. Social media you know i never. I never liked him anymore. And look cool. Did you never met you. And why would i care about what you think if you have nothing to do with the success that i met you sorry. Are you forgiving. Aw like if somebody says sorry if they have a gold over mama. A s didn't certain things that they do it. I can hold on to better and other people can be honest right sometimes. These oldies don't own still looking to when you said what you said about. I'm looking on okay and it might be. The moment passed an aluminum long. I don't know how why you felt that way. So i can't look like okay. Well maybe this isn't just not was Knows quite comes on this wednesday ten to eleven on. Abc don't forget power to cause that is my show pointed when it ended our. They wait a minute. What's happened but it's that on december six right back that i showed that we appreciate you. Checking in fifth looking for the best of the best of the best breakfast club is back with another memorable interview warning. Everybody is dj. Envy angela. charlene guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guests in the building on cars does out. Don't get it off your chest. Bergman already told them. Because i don't want to angle like what so i come in. I did it. I'm here was in. I mean it's all good but why why was hanan. I'm all good. But i want to see you. I want to talk to you. Man your faith absolutely you understand me. I knew a few places that i coulda pulled up. But i don't want that with gangsta. I wanted to come looking at your face like a man and tell you how feel poker that me straight up like a man so as you should any issue the issue your film. I just come on. No stop put some respect my name. Yes me y'all say. My name put some respect on did you. did you pull up more. that way. Trick daddy. I'm pulling up on you on the radio guy with the radio guy. Your finished a yard done. I got no more talking. Grand opening grand. Also all right. Well there you have it. Good bad on notes me good. That's the that's the brightest have gone on to morning. Well if if you just joined the birmingham came to interview. Didn't go that way. Go that way he was from. Iran is standing behind the scenes. He wanted to just come and address some things to come. They said he was excited to come that he wanted to come talk to that. He wanted to get some things off his chest and he did. So let's actually play because we were you know as soon as you walk into this this We saw taping meal. Because we never because it's always thought before after this is what happens when burma's what does he does. He walked in user. Won't start this great. All y'all stop playing with my name going in stop playing with my game plan with my name name. Income respected plan name drill. Y'all stop playing with my name. Angle said no. We go morning. Everybody is dj angela. Now the reason. I kept saying let's go to. The cameraman was taken to go. Not come in here us out. We not going to take on the radio. The quick take his time but what happened with. Bergman came here and tried to chris out branch shakeup to interview before the interview started thinking that the interview would be sweet but it wouldn't have been. We still have questions we wanted to ask rat. He tried to intimidate came in here with seven. Guys you know and my thing is you're anything i've ever said about a person on the radio i'm gonna say today face burn so i'm thinking of you come in here. You come in to address those issue right that to me thousand to a pair of we did we talk about you. Make a comment about you when you come here. We go make that same common. I i don't. I don't like i don't like the coming up here trying to show out on the plan to come up here and do certain things. Don't don't try to be tough to the radio guys. Especially when people like trick. Daddy has been up here. i have to say about. Burma played audio burr. Man some good some bad. I just think when when you try to be. Ceo trying to be a rapper. And you try to be ladies me and you try to be a girlfriend and you try to be a girlfriend and a lot. That's what they say dog from the street. Okay enrolls up here very between wayne in him and he he spoke about it was known as burma. I'll have one. We're bird mac. For me to see the way. Things are transparent respect. That and i don't respect. Have you had birdman boston. Both like you better not at all. I mean that's what. I wanted to build my team after the weight. Ats was together. The way family was so for me to see this. That's a no go. They know how play burma knew how i get down. He was in miami longtime he. No wm how did that work now. You know 'cause he's in miami like man right now in miami right now but it ain't about telling nobody where they could go hang with. That's fake talk. We know that drake sign to.

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