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The daily beans. I look forward to seeing all of you in dc. We do have a lot of news to get to. So let's hit the hot notes. Hot notes all right lead story today and this is big news that the mainstream media is ignoring. Because they're too busy shitting on biden today but remember when mike lindell had his cyber symposium where he was going to show you a ton of data that proved voter fraud specifically in colorado. But he never showed that data that proved it though he did show some data he did show a bunch of data from mesa county colorado. That really meant nothing. But in the middle of that review ron watkins. that's a cunanan conspiracy theorist he his his little presentation. He was giving. He actually had to interrupt the review saying he got a call from his lawyer telling him to stop the review because the data was probably stolen. I tweeted to the fbi and the department of justice. Hey you guys take a look at this. I was six days ago. Well then. Fbi spokeswoman told cnn today that the f. b. i. denver field office has joined a colorado district attorney's investigation into the county clerk's office. And how voting machine loggins from the county while up in cunanan affiliated videos. The secretary of state's office is also conducting. Its own probe and last week ordered the replacement of election equipment in the county to the cost of the tax payers. The voting machine loggins were featured in an august third video posted on accua nonaffiliated telegram channel about twenty twenty election fraud claims and in a news conference last week. Griswald blamed peter for the leak. That's one of the teen. Peters saying the secretary of state's office could not establish a verifiable chain of custody for the machines and the peter's brought a non employee to a may twenty fifth trusted build meeting where they closely guarded. Voting machine log in credentials were visible to attendees griswold set. Her employees had been misled to believe the non employee in question wasn't employee. Griswald office said monday. The secretary of state would appoint a new person to oversee elections in mesa county. Dan rubenstein the mesa. County district attorney has previously confirmed to cnn. At the secretary of state's office contacted him last week saying they believed there were potential criminal matters. Which would be referred to my office. For prosecution. courtney bernal spokeswoman for the fbi field office in denver told cnn and a statement there working with the da's office on the forensic review and analysis county voting systems to determine if there was a potential federal criminal violation. Mike lindell. You might wanna think about selling your pillows to the bureau prisons that way you can make your own bed in lyon at and Also because no one else will buy them because they're and prison is supposed to be uncomfortable. So i think that's a good contract next up we see some of the gop voter suppression laws in action and the story should throw up all kinds of red flags. The georgia state election board appointed a bipartisan panel wednesday to investigate fulton counties elections management. That's a performance review sought by republicans. That could lead to a state. Takeover of the heavily democratic county fulton is the first county to undergo a performance review created by georgia's new voter suppression law passed by the states. Gop majority and the legislature after joe biden defeated. Donald trump fulton has a history of election problems with long lines and slow results and administrative errors but estate monitor last fall found no evidence of dishonesty or fraud. After the reviews completed state election board will have the power to replace. Fulton's election board with temporary superintendent. Who would have the authority. Over vote-counting polling places and staffing red flag red flag selection board members say they hope that performance review will compel fulton to fix problems with absentee ballot processing and vote counting procedures there on on.

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