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Even twenty five km rent rental car yet and i'm already tired. You need a walker. You gotta stretch. I always have to stretch out. I am not enough clearly. I always have just my hips more than anything. Because my hips are always super type. Yeah i mean. I go light with my lifts nowadays like i don't go heavy anymore just realized a long time ago. It's not worth it to being a thousand pound club. I'd rather have orm and do more reps than fewer reps. Have your way. But that's just my my mentality especially just like. There's no via trust at the gym despite me. And my gyms in idiot everybody sucks about me Nothing really super crazy. I watched a nightmare before christmas for the first time. I haven't seen it either. I'm not really big into claymation. Never really have been it's good It's not directed by tim burton. It's written and produced at least produced by tim burton. So it's technically tim burton's a nightmare before christmas but he didn't direct it and ashley's a huge tim burton fan. She probably her favorite director. She seen every one of his movies except for batman in nineteen eighty nine. She bought watch that one. I don't blame her. it's actually. It's actually very fun. All batman is nineteen eighty-nine with michael. Keaton and jack. Nicholson as the joker and billy dee williams as Harvey dent. it's awesome but it's It's an interesting timeframe for batman but a a a nightmare before christmas is is actually very good. I think i. I haven't published my review.

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