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Ninety eight seventy four family to nine cleaning the cleaning that brings us together this is the bloomberg green business report how much cleaner are electric cars in the fall so fuel powered alternative the answer depends on exactly where you charge to batteries in places the us low carbon energy sources like renewal bulls a nuclear electric vehicles dramatically reduce emissions there's a less of a difference in regions where most of the power comes from cole as in china well an electric vehicle on average may produces little as half the pollution as a gasoline oh diesel car is great variation with in the range running on battery power in china was just fifteen percent cleaner the nefasta fuel car last year according to data compiled by bloomberg new energy finance generally speaking either used to better everywhere but the benefit is much smaller in some places the london base research on a bloomberg and the union of concern scientists both of analyze the ultimate contribution looked with cars make to emissions unfounded on average their forty two fifty percent cleaner than those that run on guess linger diesel that's the bloomberg green business report on bob moon i've been teaching organic chemistry for the last seventeen years so i'm pretty good with complex calculations but when i started thinking about my retirement i was pretty stunned top likely i have tia as by financial partner together we retro synthetic we analyze my financial future which is organic cam speak for we figured it out you're a personal thinks as takes a by man to partner who values it as much as you do learn more at t i a dot org when you present your business card but he wanted to say about if that card has the letters _c_m and a half to your name and says you know the eleven most crucial areas of management counting it says youth mastered and exam that only has a fifty percent pass right it's says you distinguish yourself from your peers all of which makes your business card a keeper to see him a certification you've got to earn it visit _c_m a certification dot org for details.

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