Donald Trump, Bob Mueller, Sean Hannity discussed on The Beat with Ari Melber


I want to begin tonight with four facts that underpin the top story one donald trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice to several of trump's former aides have pled guilty or been charged with crimes related to obstruction like lying to the feds three the man who literally ran trump's campaign was accused this week of witness tampering one of the more serious ways to obstruct any pro for bob mueller is finding new leads in his probe by looking through witnesses phones and reading there once encrypted messages and then five one of the most powerful people in trump's orbit is sean hannity conservative activists and tv hosts who reportedly speaks to trump daily and one is is one of the only other clients has trump's embattled lawyer michael cohen take that all in right now those five facts because they make what we're about to show you especially legally significant i don't mean this as some sort of media commentary story i mean this as a story about what's coming out of the trump white house because that same influential man sean hannity is now literally telling potential witnesses and subjects in the mueller probe to destroy the evidence and hammer their phones into pieces they are demanding that witnesses turn in their phones follow hillary clinton's lead to lead all your emails and then acid wash the emails and hard drives on the new phones then take your phones and bash him with a hammer to little itty bitty pieces.

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