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Well, in fact, that Prescott through a pick six to leave at the very end of that game that was way back early part of two thousand seventeen when the Cowboys visited the Denver Broncos. But so for me giovani's that guy. I don't disagree with anybody wanna have that Prescott Greg game. You wanna have the guide have a great game. You want to have a Mark have a great game. But beyond that, I think Randy Gregory was great answer. Damarcus wants is going to be DeMarcus Lawrence. We know that we can trust at this point in time. Randy Gregory had a knack for. Making special places had just that ability. He's had that you know that presence to be able to be there just flip a switch and flip a game. And that's what this is going to take. You know, if you look back the week that the Cowboys, lots of the Kohl's. I was not a lot of fun. But the Los Angeles Rams lost that Sunday on Sunday night football to the Philadelphia Eagles now as part of Nick foles resurgence. We're not gonna go to Nick foles that maybe subject for next week. But the way the eagles beat the Rams that day was they got to Jared Goff. They force turnovers. They had that been hit in the pocket. The ball came out. It was an interception. Fumbled matter. Whatever the case was the eagles took possession. It's going to take one of those games. It's gonna take one of those plays. I think the Cowboys when this game we're gonna have one of those plays. Randy Gregory just gets in the backfield. Just knocks the ball of Jared's hands and lands. Antoine woods, his hands or something like that. It's going to take one of those just flipping sort of plays that the Cowboys get generate a lot of a mental. They're going to have to find a way to pile up and really not just pile up points, but pile up time of possession. Remember when the Cowboys. The sense they replay that game earlier on down NFL network early on saints the offer like three minutes of like the first eighteen minutes of the game. The Cowboys are bowling to have to drown the Rams, and that's part of the whole Joe Nathan Aaron Donald going to make that end ever difficult. But the Cowboys are going to have to just dominate the time of possession. If they wanna have a chance to win. And you know, it's crazy is they kind of can win. I think we all kind of think that they can win. It's a really crazy thing that the cows are trying to this team. And obviously, they're not a very special offense team. We all know that Mark on periscope says red zone touchdown. Yeah. Would be so great to get some of those. But we all really acknowledged the Cowboys have flaws offensively. But their defense is going to be enough that at least keeps them into game. The defense is going to be enough for the cabbage to have an opportunity to score and do their part. And if they can, hey, this thing is going to be interesting. I know one thing that the divisional round of NFL playoffs is not full of boring games. I can. Issue this that this game is going to give you insight. This game is going to give you into gestion, you might want to get some Pepsi. I don't know any other medicines that worked for that. I just your pets at all the time. But you want to be prepared because Saturday night is going to be thrilling just has that flair that feel and and it's time for one of those games to go the Cowboys way for being on a so that's that's kind of what is going to take jobs know, the point up to Facebook laughing tape on going to have a monster game against his old team. It would be interesting. And I think we all want Kobi's Lee to play. But it would be interesting. If Colby's -ly cannot go on Saturday night, if Tehran Austin absorbs that role completely and entirely the Cowboys don't have Ryan, Switzerland more, and if pave on Austin can be that guy he can be that flowers here for the couch all day that.

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