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Around from channel nine eyewitness news. I'm meteorologist Cassandra creamy. Safetouch Security triple team traffic if you're traveling on the four seventeen down to the attractions and celebration area. We just had word that there's a wrong way driver on the road. He might be northbound in this heading northbound of the southbound lanes or vice versa. But keep an eye out. If you're going to be traveling through the celebration area, I four eastbound slow coming in through Paul county champions gate past Disney. John Young to OBT part Lee at Maitland. Four thirty-six four thirty four forty six to the bridge. Westbound slow at four thirty six and colonial OBT to the turnpike. From the Beachline past Central Florida Parkway one ninety two past the four twenty nine. This report is sponsored by Wyndham hotels and resorts with more than six thousand hotels across the country. A great hotel by Wyndham is closer than you think. Book directed Wyndham hotels dot com. With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning, we're helping you get to work on time. I'm Jackie O'Brien. News ninety six point five WDBO, Sean Hannity. News ninety six point five db discharging the rounds. I ran up to him and I yelled at him and he dropped his weapon, and he ran out of that chased him out of the other sanctuary. Vehicle at this point, the border patrol came out said clear back I have done and then I moved back behind the vehicle and discharges vehicle. Yes. He was trying to shoot trying to shoot at the park car shooting low. I don't think he was he was he was aiming at the Salen was aiming vehicle to disabled vehicle that we could get him out. And I was going to get him out of there, we need it. I wanted to I wanted to make sure this guy was caught that was Oscar store describing how he stopped this synagogue shooter.

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