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Here's something really called North Mountain Stage 1 30 drivers wishing to take advantage of this new fly overto westbound to 90 told you can now use the newly opened exit for 37 b. That's located just north of Blue Bluff Road. Hey, you need a total tag. You're going to save a whole lot of money. If you have the toll tag in place, Yeah, Reach out to the mobility authority dot com. That's the mobility authority dot com When you stop You're a small business. You were card, but you don't have a huge marketing budget. And you're always looking for new ways to find customers. Have you ever thought about audio? You're listening to an ad right now. Aren't you Introducing audio Go a new online platform that lets you run ads on the top podcast and digital radio stations Don't have a radio ad will make one for you. Sign up for free today at audio go dot com Audio Go audio advertising made simple. For ways to save time. Water and money while caring for your yard, one of convert to a water wise landscape. Instead, a water wise landscape uses techniques to reduce or end the need for extra watering. Austin Water has a water wise landscape rebate program for customers replacing water thirsty lawns with drop tolerant native plants bends. Applications for rebates for fall planting are being accepted now through September 30. Find conservation tips, rebate and more at Austin. Water dot for What would you do with an extra $217,613 in retirement? That's how much a local Austin couple could save in taxes. With their IRA and for one K, thanks to the defensive tax planning strategies from Michael Reese of Centennial Advisers who's a fiduciary and a certified financial planner..

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