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Smooth smilin' maybe you could only play he'll have them yeah every a a as four arm weakness the like she was reaching for the glass and couldn't do it to add ss ss4 speech difficult magp young okay that's disrespute fao speech rocca alleged as he it's time to call nine one one time so remember fast my phone yep it is time it is i well i hope she's okay and i only the fall risk so when you speak to her tell her that it's not necessary to send me a thank you know for the lovely flowers that i ebbert who k r pro i i just know sh that she'll appreciated that's enough he well i mean i know it would be nice something all right oddy of traffic yes we got a crash northbound i fifteen at milepost to seventy six this is 56 an american four the right lane is blocked there crash southbound i fifteen mile postthree twelve this is just south of beck street in salt lake that's off to the left shoulder crash eastbound calfornia avenue a bangor highway crash northbound i fifteen seventy four th south crash 100 and fourteenth south some fifty western draper and crash southbound at us eighty nine third south in north salt lake try subway started five fresh value meal featuring the favorite subs of the utah jazz starting lineup.

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