St. Clare of Assisi Novena - Day 4


Annot Vena to Saint Clair Day four. From a letter to intrude of brew. This labor of ours is brief. But. The reward is eternal. Let the noises of the fleeting world and its shadow not confound you. Let the empty spectres of the deceiving world not drive you mad. Shut your ears to the whispers of hell and strong breath down its attempts against you. Willingly bear adverse evils and let provident goods not puff you up. For the one requires faith. The other demands it. What you promised, God faithfully render and he will repay you. Dear Saint Clair. As a young girl, you imitated your mother's love for the poor of your native. Assisi. Inspired by the preaching of Saint Francis, who enthusiastically of his Lord Jesus Lady Poverty. You gave your life to Jesus at Nineteen years of age allowing Saint Francis to cut off your beautiful hair. And Invest You with the Francis can happen. All through your life, you offered your great suffering for your sisters the poor Clare's and the conversion of souls. You greatly aided Saint Francis with his new order carrying on his spirit in the Franciscans after his death. Most of all, you had a deep love of Jesus in the most blessed sacrament which fueled your vocation to love and care for the poor. Please pray for me. But I will seek keep Jesus as my first love as you did. Help me to grow in love of the blessed sacrament. To care for the poor and to offer my whole life to God. Heavenly father. Thank you for the gift of Saint Clair. Through your intercession please here and answer my prayer in the name of Jesus your son. Man.

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