Tropical Storm Isaias spawns tornadoes in New Jersey


Have an update now from New Jersey, where we had a confirmed tornado on the ground and tornado warnings for parts of the Jersey Shore. We go live to K Y W's Mike Leonardo, with the update from the governor might Governor Murphy just wrapped up a news conference up in Woodbridge brand in the state of emergency remains in effect in New Jersey State offices are closed of the storm but is tracking further West then was first thought, and that means rain is heavier in the western parts of New Jersey Governor Murphy also warned of high winds. A CZ we've heard Down at the shore high winds of up to 70 miles an hour. A zoo result. Motorcycles and trailers are prohibited on the New Jersey Turnpike until further notice. With all that the wind comes a lot of rain, too, and the Europe people are advised not to drive through standing water on DH with that wind. It also creates power outages, not many at the moment, but authorities are expecting that outages could run into the hundreds of thousands. By the time all is said and done. It's a relative relatively fast moving storm, but it's packing a serious punch in the state is ready. State crews are standing by for water rescues there ready to use generators bought after Sandy. Even the state Forest Service has chainsaw teams ready to be deployed. For the moment. There are no reports of of those teams actually having to get out yet the storm still moving through New Jersey. But as we say, and Brandon and Carol, those state crews are ready to spring into action, and we should say that they have. They're coming in from out of state. There are people of personnel from other states and we're in the middle of a pandemic. So not only do they have to worry about the dangers of being up in bucket trucks in high winds, But you also have social distancing to worry about as well.

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