Doing Podcast Butt Workouts - #607


Dollar. One cent. I'll move your refrigerator and vacuum behind it. That's priceless. What why do you offer that, have you? Did you have to move your frigid vacuum? That's weird offer to make I. Know But something I'm uniquely qualified in this group for. We were just before the podcasts talking about what Blane's maximum strength basically is. Saying I think you could leg press. What was it nine hundred to nine hundred pounds? I. Just I'm trying to use. Reverence for when I was a kid, I was first getting into shape. I was able to put up like six hundred some on leg press at least. In my legs were a lot weaker than they are now so I'm not sure I haven't i. Am not saying that I have leg pressed two thousand pounds in like recently. But what's that like a ton? Yes let me do. Yes. I'm not metric. What is not metric whether I'm like? I I. Like a metric ton higher. England. Lived here for eight years I. Don't really deal with tons. Not what's your? What's your thermostat set to Fahrenheit or Celsius? Yeah is Fahrenheit. or Celsius yeah. I live with American. Mind Sharon. But like I've always done Fahrenheit for my thermostat even when I lived in Canada. And then because of your parents. I mean they're Canadian. Old enough to remember the pre Celsius Times. Oh I mean I'm sure they do, but. I guess it's like when you when body temperature. It makes more sense to do Fahrenheit. Because your body accurate temp, yeah, yeah, I, guess you could do like decimal. For Celsius like the difference to me between seventy, two and seventy, three is dressed. I don't know about you guys. How many stones can you like press plane? Zach Eric was asking well, it depends on. How is sons? Eric was asking me if he was cutting nine hundred pound boulder. And I. Think I could. If there was something that I had like something to leverage against so like if I was up against the wall. And I can put my back on it. And then I could just go like otherwise. You'd slide away there. Yes, yeah, because if it's like a flat if it's just like a flat service that he's Fox, I did that recently, I was trying to I moved my bed to change a lightbulb. Wants to push it what? You're move to bed to change a lightbulb. Where's this life? Oh. No where's the? Puff the bed I. Don't want to put a lot on the bed. Okay okay okay. Right so I. I thought he stayed on your light bulb, but I guess if it's like somewhat taller. Underneath the bed. Sir I pulled it just fine. I pulled out when they're changed it and then when I went to push in by like forcefully pushed the bed, but it's a wooden floor, so I just slid backwards, and both of my legs went under the TV unit. Undivided. I Love That story and blame saying he could like press nine hundred pounds back to back. Yup. A few months ago, before work from home and everything I was doing some. What do you call it yard work I was a I wanted to I wanted to get a big rock to put in my yard and let me tell you I ve vastly underestimated. HOW HEAVY ROCK STAR! There's a there's a place you can go to. You can. You can buy big rocks boulders, but I'm remiss to call bullets. It's like. This big maybe. We would is that? Four, three and a half feet tall maybe. So I go down there and I'm like I'm just looking around this place and they have a bunch of rocks like this like that's the one that's what. And so I go to the office. I'm like Hey How does this work if I want to buy one of the rocks out there do I like. Bring it to you or do I. Put it in my car. How does that work and you looked at me like I was stupidest person in the world? And I realized why because he's like? No, we have someone with a forklift to goes and picks it up for you the way and then the load it for you. I was like okay. My, how much is a rock way? I don't know the fucking six hundred pounds. So then. was. Better, my car could, but so I was like okay. y'All deliveries like yeah, it's like twenty bucks to deliver it off for six hundred pound rock. That's steel. So yeah, Twenty Bucks I'll pay that all right. We'll deliver it. So the like in my mind I'm like they're going to send the guy with a forklift again. It's going to be like a whole deal team. Guys are going to pick it up and put it where I want. it's one guy who shows up and he's got like a pickup truck with a trailer, and the the rock is in the back. I'm like. Are you doing Johnson of like. How are you? GonNa get off of there. He's like Oh, I'm just going to roll it off into the street right here. I don't need IT industry. I needed over there. Much further away. He's like. Oh, well, you can move it well. So, she loads the Rock, and it just like on the curb in front of my house, and it sat there for like a week, and I kept trying different things to.

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