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A portable water bottle with a pomp and water purification nanotechnology more on that in a minute the philanthropic aspect too i contact is what its founders sees as a problem that would take upwards of twenty billion dollars to solve decent water for everyone who does not have it this is from michael pritchard founder of icon giving a ted talk about eight years ago i think it's important for context we're in the fine city of oxford so someone's done that up fonsi they've oxford so what i've done is i've gone got some water from the river show well and the river thames the flow through here and this is the water but i got to thinking you know if we were in the middle of a flood zone in bangladesh the water wouldn't look like this so i've got some stuff to add into it and this is from my pond have a smell that mister cameraman okay right we're just gonna pull that in there okay we've got some runoff from a sewage plant farm so i'm just going to put that in there not we guy on some other bits and pieces and i've got a gift from a friend of mine's rabbit so we're just gonna that in there as well okay now the last seven bottle works really simply you just skip the water up today i'm going to use a jug just to show you all got a bit of that that's not enough let's just up a little bit okay so i'm going gonna take this really filthy water i'm put it in here okay every guy replace the tall give it a few pumps okay that's all necessary now as soon as i pop the tate eight sterile drinking water is going to come out and i've got to be quick monday electric's that is safe sterile drinking water there's a link.

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