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All around the state will be able to go online and get in line. People then have a four hour window to arrive at the office in person. It pilot project would just beginning, it, it is really a first step in what we want to do, and what we want to do is to make this experience easier for the citizens of the state of Ohio. Nine of the twelve offices are here in the Columbus area. Meantime, the governor also asking the department of agriculture for a disaster declaration to help farmers hit hard by record rain, but aren't former already being helped by the government payout designed to take the sting out of the president's trade tariffs, not if they can't get the crops in the ground, you have to play the crop to receive that payment for the tariff crop insurance will help as well. But Davis says the later, farmers plant the less crop insurance covers it's been. Pretty wet spring. But Ohio farmer say actually the first signs of this wet season came last fall. They've been dealing with excessive rain since then ABC, six Tom Bosco talking with farm. Brett Davis in Delaware County, despite the storms over the weekend, the new shelter that can hold eight hundred people in Delaware County did not open on Saturday, leaving more than one hundred outside the State Department of natural resources says they're sorry that they left people out in the rain. They're working to make sure that doesn't happen again. A federal court's ruling that Ohio's congressional map is unconstitutional is still on hold, as we await key decisions on similar cases, by the US supreme court today, that court made one of those decisions siding, with Democrats in Virginia held Virginia house of delegates handed a blow by the nation's top court and five four decision as prem- court ruled they.

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