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Is there is there some good in what they believe in you think sort of their main causes. It's a bit confused. I think began as a way to liberate. Which is you know as a way of saying people and You know just began taking on these extremes of trying to send a message to their the american government you know. They're just so so exhausted from from not being heard that Taking on the extremes of killing their people civilians killing humans and It just become a cycle because of the which is owned by the government. They're directed to protect the civilians from free. So it becomes a bit of which on which and You know it's incredibly dangerous to all parties involved al loss from mother to the cause so i think she has a lot of her holds a lot of resentment for the army in general and i think that in turn makes her interested adults About the street you know being in the army. She's fed this propaganda. But i just think she knows better than to trust what she told and i think she wants to see up close for herself. You know sort of what's being puppeted behind the scenes. She she knows more than she lets on and And she's gonna to be very determined to go to find out more about What lurks in the shadow of alder general and About the leaders of the spree. Think oh yes. She's very conflicted heart cool. There's more sifi talk so stay. Tuned back on sci-fi telecom tony tomato. Yeah it's very. It adds a great dynamic to the character and really rounds her out and makes her one of the most interesting to me in this series. Yeah i mean they definitely They gave her a very dynamic story. Arc in the sense of you know you. She has so much personal growth but Just in her interactions between scylla and How different she is around her and then trying to keep that sense of stoicism around your peers. one in training and You know trying to keep the reputation of not giving a shit about anyone or anything willing to throw herself away because she has no purpose and you know. Go down burning but Obviously motivations changed with her experiences and relationships and connections she makes and navigate for south. Find a purpose and and drive and A sense of belonging. Absolutely you know. I just love this alternate world that's been built and we keep seeing new layers to it every week. It seems and it's just awesome. I i've remarked. I love that picture of adler crossing the delaware. I thought that was pretty. It's like to. What's it like to play in that world and to see it as an actor and You know and as a character. Oh man It was an incredible opportunity to tell us narrative.

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