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Hollywood, Bush, Lindh discussed on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast - #178 Mick Garris


Really yeah by or at the very beginning you ain't yeah at the beginning his upbringing she said was like you know that's how he which taught and then as he went out to hollywood and he actually new jews in were friends with them that that change to meet a jew is the delivered yeah well except for the ones that made me caps break there was on this show mc now then wind story a price i guess he was from st louis he was from where's my mother was from yeah he was from the midwest at least your mother hate speech bush only specific lindh's act he plays a law uh this is for her this is from a fan john john leery and he wants to know are there any stephen king books or stories that mick would like to adapt that he hasn't had a chance detailed the run at the one i most wanted to do has just been made and his coming out on netflixing this week arab gerald's game yeah that was once the one where he's i chichan hand come into the air after arrest sect so act yes aid ustr s he is a like the hand caught fish y fenech sex with yes and they go to a cabin in the woods to do that on vacation and he cuffs her to the bed and has a heart attack and dyes on her um that's the beginning of the story while all takes place there it's incredibly powerful it's really great and a wonderful writer director nay mike flanagan just made that movie and it it starts on netflix so that's the one i was most obsessed with doing their plenty of other things i'd love to do but um you know that was the one i really wanted the most thank goodness mike did a great job with an it's a really good movie.

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Hollywood, Bush, Lindh discussed on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast - #178 Mick Garris

Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast - #178 Mick Garris 2 years ago

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