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It makes much more sense to do that in the offseason. So I think being disappointed that they didn't completely rehaul and retool the entire franchise dead. I think was unrealistic. I think they probably evaluate everything and at this point to 45 this I don't think without any Whispers Thompson's going anyway, so this is probably their team that's going to give up whatever and find a way to make the tax work by the end of the year. It's going to be tricky. I don't know why they're going to pay tax in the situation. It's confusing but I'm sure they have a way to make that work. My thing is this gives the team a chance and that's all I wanted their depth issues gone. They're going to have a fifth guy who makes sense in every line up here. They're going to be able to condense this rotation and off just to bring it back to Thompson if he's going to stick around if you have a playoff rotation where any given match up let's say it's banned for the Miami where Thompson work pretty good. I'd say it's Rob against Milwaukee who are pretty good yesterday. That might be his match up tyse obviously works in quite a few matchups. You have a pretty complete team here matchup wise if they're all hitting their stride if they're all healthy to just compete wage. P in the Bios get yourself to a better seed now quiet down some of the I think uncertainty and issues that have been around the team in recent weeks and really going to hot streak and just give it your best shot this year. And then as you say address things in the offseason, I mean blood streaked or not. Here's what this trade does. This is this is another whether or not this was the intention or not. I think this month is going to show a lot of Celtics fans and show a lot of people in this organization. Okay? Here's your here's your extra guy that you've all been asking for or not fans, but you know assume some of the places baggage or just in the way. Yeah. So here he is. This is what you know, this is we're going to find out now what you guys are made of if you really are one player away from from meeting expectations going into the season change from being that really tough team that we've seen in flashes. If you're not then we know now we know and now we can we can adjust accordingly in the off-season when we still have all of our dog That then we still have all of our you know tradable contracts if there are even are that many but you got your first round picks and your second round picks, whatever your tpe to to an extent. You still have some of that so I brought in a player say well here you go guys. Here's your player do the best you can depending on how you what you show us will determine whether or not we're bringing this core back, you know again next season or not. If not, well you can save a smart probably and you can you know start to think about a guy like Thompson and and you know these other players whether or not they try to move Kemba if they can, you know, you'll start to see that question being asked in the off-season if you see more the same with this team with 48 Hours. Yeah, I think you know, right it's the way to look at it. Is there for the stretch run here. They're adding 14000 presumably Romeo, which I know you guys don't want to hear it and to talk about him and Jeff Teague 2.0 and that's what they're coming in with for a bench unit. So we'll go on this song. Then we finally get 10:30 experience and that one is just getting started baby..

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