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To date on your latest mechanics on the transmission of the new jeep oh yeah of course a riddle that before about it very unlikely story i believe you'll be going to a specialist if anything ever happened right for sure when and that's a complex mechanism and when we think about that tax code about retirement savings and there's this alphabet soup out there of possible ways to save or get ahead that's very complex and it's almost like that sort of intricate machinery you may want to have someone looking over your shoulder to say ten i do this and again not everyone may have to do that you're headed well you said have somebody overlooking your shoulder because as you guys know huge proponent of behavioral finances and economics and if you think about just humans in general we are wired in a way that is very detrimental to financial planning meaning what we want to do often is really the worst thing we can do so even having somebody there even if it's not a financial planner but if it's a fairly member or friend just a bounce ideas off of and say hey i'm thinking about doing this what's your take on it at least you have somebody else's input maybe you walk you off the the fear if you there right we'll talk about that later but especially that unbiased someone who can look at things perhaps know your goals know what you're trying to achieve and say yes i agree i don't agree and they don't have a horse in the race that's the fun part of this but there's a couple more reasons foward you think of more as a reason though yeah people always want more yossi to commercial a time they want bigger house i want the investment karameh more return more more more more in our minds that's considered greedy rightist that's about what's enough was enough for every individual's different great maybe greed is good but what's the downside to greet here dialed it's got to be a downside then you just.

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