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Sponsored by Shane Company. Of a new crash in San Jose. Let's check that out on our other traffic trouble spots with him in your local Honda Dealers Traffic center. It's on highway 85, the KCBS phone force Jeff and Patty tipping us off about this collision South found just before you get to Union Avenue, blocking the second lane from the left. We have under Bender's there lately, almost every afternoon or evening. So there a few brake lights approaching the scene there. Aside from that earlier accidents in the Santa Clara Valley, pretty much clear freeways are moving well. No new problems on highway 17 in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Fremont, though we do have a bit of a back up behind a crash, South bound 8 80 just after Dakota wrote. It is on the right hand shoulder and it's really thinning out nicely as well. North bound 8 80 Hey, season brake lights between Union City in a street in Hayward, but Just slightly below the limit there. Also you write an eastbound 5 80 through Livermore continued improvement. We had a couple of bad crashes in Ah, in the middle of Livermore there around First Street, all clear now slow and stretches from just past the Dublin interchange up over the outsmart passed to Grant Line Road and in Richmond that motorcycle crash wrapping up eastbound 5 80 before Canal Boulevard. All activity on the right hand shoulder. Next update is 6 28 on the traffic leader. KCBS Manzini Sleep World six Day forecast a big on select premium mattresses during Mancini's sleep world's 50% off mattress sale. We're going to get the scoop from K p x five's Poul Hagen nice weather across the Bay Area today, and we have more of the same in store as we head into Halloween weekend temperatures tonight, dropping down to the forties across most of the bay area again around 50 degrees.

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