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There's there's still some element of thinking probably thinking too much, and you guys know it's really hard to play hockey when you're thinking. And I think, you know, for that reason we're not seeing the the performance in the results that we want right now. But we gotta stick with it. You know, it's been a few weeks since the coaching change. I know a lot of times when a team, you know, turfs are coached the new guy comes in the team kind of has a renewed effort that kind of trying to impress the new guy. You know, I've been watching the Blackhawks little I've talked to other media, folks. I don't know that there's been such a significant change with the Blackhawks. I know what's today. Thursday the other night, I think it was Wednesday night Thursday. Jeremy call it and said, you know, I'm not new hair anymore. I've been here long enough to to basically get pissed off and yell at this team. But you know, has there been much of a change in the way the team plays? If this guy's getting pissed off the team already. Well, I think that the frustration is not like the other than one game which at the other night, we played bega at home. I thought the effort that night was poor. But if you look at the other games, we played eleven games. I think so intense the eleven we've really competed hard, and we've been the upper level hasn't been an issue in ten of the eleven games. The issue has been some of the fundamental simplistic thing that we tried to implement and it been ten eleven games and they're making similar mistake. And but a lot of things would into differently than before. And it I think he's frustrated that like guys didn't Rocketdyne like you played hockey a long time, amac different things. But let's go like what figure it out here. It's not that complicated. And I think that's the that was his frustration me other night was just you know. The record five goals in Winnipeg. We lose five you shouldn't you shouldn't lose when you score five goals. But you know, we make in some simplistic errors, and that costing so that level. I can't question that they're into it. It's just we're shooting ourselves in the foot. And we've got quite that up better result in stand. Another trade between the coyotes in Chicago Blackhawks like holy shit. Dude. You you must love the Zona. I know I'm going to ask me about John chicken. I have some special history together. And I really don't. I mean, I met him. We took over the job. But it's not like we'll along long friends. You know, there's no specific reason it's really more random or circumstantial, they just you know, they have a lot of players. You know, they've drafted a lot of players in the last six seven years they've had a lot of pretty high picks. So you know, they can't all fit there. I think they've had a desire to move some guys around. And as a result, you know, for like, there's some teams that are just aren't good trading partners. 'cause they've they've been similar trajectory as Kaga the last couple years, right? And Arizona is in a different, you know, mindset. So I think we're good trading partners from that perspective. It's not like we won't trade with the Red Wings. But they, you know for for a while there we were sort of chasing at the same time. So that they weren't good trade partners. But I think it sort of random, but. Yeah. We have we have had a lot of deals with them in the last couple of Eason's. Well, Nick, schmaltz was the guy who you know, did get traded. And you look at his his effort and some games. It looks like he's going to be a superstar. And there's some games. You just really don't notice him. I think there is inconsistency. I'm curious to kinda you're responsive. I read a quote by him. I brought up last week on the podcast. It said it feels pretty good knowing you're in a good organization that wants you to be here that wants you to succeed..

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