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If you want to join us is 800 to 82288 to the email address. L Rush Bo Andy, I'd be that got us. My voice is a little weak today. Little horse today and I think it's going to get stronger As the day goes on. We'll see. But there might be random moments where I do that. Have to have clear throat. I will try not to do that with the microphone on, but sometimes it may not be possible. So I apologize in advance for that. So we are one day away. From the strangest inauguration of a president in our lifetimes. That would be the inauguration of Joe Plugs. Buyten. It's an interesting story here today from the Federalist Donald Trump. Set to leave office with a higher approval rating than George W. Bush. There was also a survey last week that Uh, Told the story that Donald Trump's the most admired man in the country most admired man in the world. Maybe and everybody looks at how in the world can that be well? It can and it Woz, and now he's got a higher approval rating and George W. Bush. Trump is leaving office with a approval rating amount 40%. And as you know, George W. Bush left office with just under 30% of Americans on his side. What does this tell you? Well tells you a number of things, but I think that it is Proof. That fighting back Defending yourself and more importantly, defending your base. Works. It is a vastly more successful strategy. Vastly more successful way. Of using your power and maintaining it. You know it took it took the drive by media seven years, almost the entirety of two Bush terms. Get his approval numbers down to the thirties, and they celebrated when they did. We've played for you over and over. Wolf Blitzer practically having an orgasm. Multiple times and our reporting breaking news George W. Bush approval rating in the thirties. They've been struggling to get there, and they finally pulled it off. You would think based on a news coverage this week. I'm just on the overall. Presentation of events. You would think that Donald Trump was was it was leaving office with no approval that everybody hates the guy's guts, and it's the exact opposite. Now they're having to say Okay, well, we're dealing with a culture. They're trying to make a different trying to dog differences. Drive byes are trying to draw a difference between the 75 million people that voted for Trump. They are a cult. And the oddball cookin ons that Cuban on they are doing everything they can. To disparage and to render all of you Trump supporters is not worthy of any attention because you're not normal. Your your your cult. And therefore their efforts. To get you to abandon Trump are never going to work because you're cultists. And it just it doesn't happen. The only way you'll ever band Trump is if Trump abandoned you. And they don't expect that. Happen. Washington Post As a story Cuban on and hearings discussed posing as National guard. Try the infiltrates inauguration, according to FBI intelligence briefing. Really In a nutshell. We are supposed to believe because of the story in the Washington Post. That there's a real risk. That right wingers are pretending to be National Guard soldiers so they can disrupt Buyten's inauguration. Told you this yesterday told you they're imputing the National Guard and uniformed military personnel. They're 90% white. That means they're 90% white supremacist. That means they vote for Trump on the 20% voted for Biden. It could be a bloodbath. They say it could be. Really, really bad. Now they're in mind that If you believe For example, that antifa Or black lives matter infiltrates. Left wing protests. And makes them look horrible and horrible and so forth for the purposes of imputing the left. What? Why? That is a conspiracy theory. And you have no right to it. You are engaging in Cucamonga conspiracy theories if you believe they antifa or black lives matter infiltrates. That's a conspiracy theory that I'll get you banned from Social media. You suggested, and chief of members might have posed as Trump supporters to disrupt the protests in the capital, But it's unthinkable. But It's the exact opposite. If you point out that right wingers are infiltrating the National Garden. It makes it The Washington Post story mixed and I get very, very easy to do. Really, so easy to do, and it could be a blood bank could be horrible out there. The acting defense secretary. Yes, I said acting. You don't why the word acting is necessary here. Acting Defense Secretary Trump, For the most part exceptions, Of course, Trump was never Allowed to have any of his picks actually confirmed. Some of them are never confirmed. They were simply Acting defense secretaries are waving confirmation. Anyway, this one. Christopher Miller said yesterday that there is no intelligence whatsoever. This is the acting Secretary of defense, There's no intelligence to suggest. But Biden's inauguration is being targeted by any members of the National Guard. But nevertheless, he thought it was a good idea to vet all 2500 of them anyway, which means poring through their online posts, and probably any divorce records just to be safe. So even though we've been told by the Department of Defense that there is no evidence of any uprising within the National Guard, quote the Pentagon is deploying 750 active duty soldiers to Washington. For security for the inaugural, which The long standing the violation longstanding prohibition against using active duty troops to police American citizens, but they're going to do it because the threat is so real. The threat is so high. This is so bogus. It's just a continuation of what they were doing yesterday. The character assassination of uniformed military person which they've deployed. They have called them out. They have called him up the National Guard. Now they are imputing and poisoning them. This is the Posse Comitatus Act forbids US military involvement in domestic law enforcement..

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