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Disorders of of all I guess types thirty million people with me in studio a three members of meta, including the founder of this organization, which was founded twenty five years ago, Rebecca Manley, the multi-service eating disorders association of Massachusetts. Amanda. Distefano clinician and chief clinical director and Leslie Bernstein, who is the executive director on the line with us. Joe Julius former Penn State football player Joe's only twenty four and Joe by the way before we got a phone calls. I want you know, if any any of the guys are out there. They can check some of the the the involvement the football players that you had you had some great tackles, my friend. They are classic football tackles, you wipe some guys out who I think they're bell is still wringing. It's probably not a good thing. But they can just check it out as as Joey or Joe, Julius Penn State. It is there was. Yeah. You you were one tough do that. That is for sure let's get the phone calls. And if you have questions feel free do not the only dumb question is the question. You don't have enough courage show asking by the way, adult forget, you can listen to nightside on your Alexa, by simply. Saying Alexa, play WBZ NewsRadio on iheart radio. Let's start it off with Francis. In Boston or let me get a poll Francis up here Francis. Welcome you're I this hour on nightside talking about eating disorders. How are you Francis? I'm doing well. Hi, dan. And high matter staff is while I really appreciate the topic. Because I just feel like, you know, this is something I can never talk about with my girlfriends. You know, I I feel it's just there's really not no one gets it. So I'm just thinking to have the time. So my question is really about my son. I have two kids, and they're wonderful. They're great. They're so smart, they're so focused nice to each other. And my son is he's a junior, and I've just started to get a little concerned about him. You know, she's a rower. And as I said, he's he's just so driven. He's so focused you so hard on himself. You know, if it's if he's even five minutes late to something or if he gets a B on something just the end of the world, and I've noticed especially in. And just, you know, this past school year that she suddenly is concerned about, you know, getting it his running after after practice, and and how suddenly, you know, all these dinners that I I used to make together are suddenly not ok anymore, and she's working out and wearing all these layers of clothes, and he's telling me and an old that I'm just overreacting. And you know, I don't I don't want to upset him and sorted it overstep, you know, he's a young. So why do you think he's doing all? This was what is he just become a fitness guy? Or what what's what's the problem? It sounds to me like at least from where I'm sitting on probably the the ladies are going to have a much different perspective. Sounds like a young kid who's coming on and doing doing. Okay. What's the problem? Well, I I mean, he's always we've always enjoyed, you know, we've we've been hiking and ice skating, and we've always done things together as a family, but he's never had such a. He melts down. I mean, he will be near tears just just in almost hysterics if he's not able to run or if I. Door. Let's hold on. Let's see if we get some comment from people who are probably better qualified for this than me. Hold on Francis. Go ahead. Yeah francis. I'm really glad that you call and give you a lot of credit as a parent. And I think you know, your concerns that you're are expressing. Our are. Absolutely valid you've seen a change in your son's behavior. And there's a change related to his eating. You're saying that as well. It sounds like there's certainly more preoccupation around exercise and running or using coming up with in the food as well. Oh, absolutely. You know, she used to. I it was he was all interested in the Keno diet. And again, it was oh, well, you know, all the guys you're doing it. And then now only want stop free milk and coconut ice cream. I can't buy our regular ice cream. It's just every week. It's like, I come home. I make dinner and something else. He was he's refusing to eat shoved off his plate, right? Right. Do you do you think he'd be willing to talk to anybody about it? If you asked him that. You know, I. I don't know. I I think she would. I hope he would. I mean, he's a bright kid. He wants peaked absolutely going to college. And I just I think he's so hard on himself. He wouldn't want to appear weak. For being a baby. Or she says that all the time about how you know, she needs to be tough and his team and yet. Yeah. And I know we have Joey online who can talk about you know, the treatment experiences. It's extremely challenging and. Getting help is not a sign of weakness. It's really. Let's bring Joe Joe. You're an athlete, you're probably still an athlete. Your head refreshes has to say about his son to me as someone who doesn't know much about this. It sounds to me like he's a typical teenager expressing some independence, and maybe doesn't want to spend as much time on family hikes and all of that and wants to spend more time on his own or hanging out. Joey, what's your thought on this? I mean. Yeah. I mean, obviously, I'm not a doctor and just from from from what I went through with our used to do those things I used to work out every single day where trash bags they to sit and saunas I used to do any little any little trick or anything to curb my weight. Now, it does sound like he, you know, it sounds like meals upset them. It sounds like not being able to work out upset that definitely you know, it's a little bit of a red flag made. But I think, you know, talking to my mom over the years. I think she wishes that she could have pinpointed, you know, what I was doing in high school. She could really never put her finger on it. And she never really knew how to ask the right questions. But there also is never a wrong question to ask either. All right. We're going to get one one more perspective from the table here. Rebecca, who is the founder, go ahead, Rebecca Manley. It just one question is or one suggestion would be to call the metal office between the hours of nine and five and schedule an assessment for your son to come in and meet with one of our clinicians. We have clinicians who are amazing and who are able to sit and talk with teenagers about their body image concerns and they're eating concerns and might be able to really give some helpful formation. And francis. We also have some support for you as well for parents. This process is really overwhelming. We realize you know, you're not sure how to get help. And and what help actually looks like. And we do have a free parents support group on Monday evenings, the first and third week of of the month from six fifteen to seven fifteen for parents. We'd love for you to be there Francis. What we'll do is. We'll give all sorts. The contact information. And maybe you can take advantage of that. And and and learn a little bit more about about the situation that you certainly have identified. Thank you so much for having joined us. Thank you, everyone so much. Thank you for your time. Thank you Francis. Dr Seuss let's go to Logan in Boston. Logan in Boston. You're next on nightside. We're talking about eating disorders. Go ahead. Logan. Hi. Yeah. And coriander because I guess I do have a question about know what's going on in my own life. I've always been on the heavier side, you know, since college, and then specially more. So as an adult, even and I decided before the holidays that I really wanted to lose some way, you know, I started just dieting pay more attention to what I was eating and working out or and when I went to the doctor recently, he told me I was doing really well. And that you know, I I look great, and my health is going to be so much better. But I'm really getting nervous now that you know, something's going on. Because I am spending. All this time thinking about it. And you know, I get really really anxious around food and really stressed out about working out. And you know, I I feel like I feel worse about my body now than I did my more just because it's taking up so much time. Yup. Yup. Yeah. I give you a lot of credit Logan. And this is a this. Very real what you're talking about. In terms of you know, we live in a society where the diet industry makes over sixty billion dollars per year. And there is, you know, this this idea that if we're thinner we're gonna be happier. Right. And the reality is we are not all meant to be in thin bodies. And quite frankly, it would be boring if we were right? We all look the same. And I think you're hitting on it. Right. You've changed your diet. You've changed things are actually becoming more preoccupied with your body. These are definitely warning signs. And I would love to talk with you further off line if you'd be willing to come in, and we can further pull this apart. I mean, we certainly aren't in a place where were where we want to label anybody with an eating disorder, but we would want to really look at this with you carefully. And you know, the the other part of this as we believe strongly at meta in health at every size, which is a movement. Promoting sizes WBZ AccuWeather forecast absorb that. We hit something there. That's a that's a that's a misfire. We'll get that later. Go ahead and complete. That's no problem. But you know, I just wanna say you mentioned that you've always been in a slightly larger body, you know, and that may be where your body actually really wants to rest, and where it wants to be and that you can still be healthy and be in that body. And this is, you know, not only the the diet culture. I think not only adds to the development of eating disorders. But it also raises such a challenge for people to recover living in a society where we are just so focused on how we look and being thin. So, and you know, where are you folks? Located by the way, where's the we're in Newton mass. Okay. Logan. What we'll do is. We'll give them the address and also to contact information. And but I gotta take a quick break for now. And sounds to me like, this might be something that could be of assistance. Thanks, Logan, pre shaped your call. Thank you. Thank you. Very welcome gonna take quick break. Six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty before. I do that. Let me open at the busy box office for the third time tonight. This being the ten o'clock hour, you need to be caller number ten at six one seven nine three one ten thirty. If you're gonna win a family four pack of tickets to the New England home show, Friday, February twenty-second this Friday..

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