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The voice of Jesus and shall come forth. Both state and center. Remember, he said. There is no marvel. That he will do this. No marvel when we note what Paul said on Mars Hill. God has appointed a day in which he will judge the world. By that man whom he hath ordained. We're off his given assurance on to all the nations. And that he raised him from the dead. It's no marvel that Jesus would call the dead out of the graves. When we note that John reminds us in revelation, 20 And I saw a great white throne. Him the set upon it from whose face the earth and the heavens led away. And there was found no room for them. These are the nine resurrections. On the dead and the New Testament. Someone has written these appropriate lines. When the great business plants of our city Have turned out their last finish work. The Martians have made their last order and dismissed every last tired clerk. The banks are right in their last dollar and declared their last dividend. And the judge of the Earth says closed for the night. And asked for the balance. What then? When the TV has played his last drama. And the comic has made his last pun. When the movie has flashes last picture. And the billboard is made its last run. When the people seeking pleasure have vanished. I'm going out in the darkness again. The trumpet of ages have sounded. And we stand up before him. What then? When the choir has songs last anthem. And the preacher has prayed his last prayer. And the people have heard their last sermon. And the songs have died on the air. Or when the Bible large close on the pulpit. And the pews are all empty of men. On the topic of ages has sounded. And we stand up before him. What then? These are the nine resurrections. The New Testament. Ladies and gentlemen, you've been listening to another God is just a prayer away radio broadcast brought to you each week at the same time. By churches of Christ and Christian churches who are concerned about your soul's salvation. The address they had Bozeman b o US M A N Post office box 5 11. Lynchburg, Ohio, 45142. Only if you reach back to us with your letter of self support. Can we reach out to you with the Gospel? As it was preached in the days of the apostles. You're addressing. Get it. Bozeman Post Office box. 5 11, Lynchburg, Ohio, 4514 to check on our website it Bozeman dot or g'kar. Praise the Lord passed the ammunition. Tell somebody, somehow it in some way that God is just a prayer away. Just News, traffic and weather. You was radio 700. W L jealousy Cincinnati on Sean Gallagher. Here's your Sunday morning Headlines, a snowy Saturday night will bring a rainy Sunday to the Tri State area. Which adds to the weather filled weekend. Cincinnati police have been investigating after a 16 year old was shot in the leg and over the Rhine Saturday evening. The victims suffering.

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