Isaias near hurricane strength as it crawls toward Carolinas


Zaius is packing top sustained winds of 70 miles an hour as it moves north along the eastern seaboard closing in on the Carolinas. WCBS TV. Islamic, Quinn says it's just below hurricane strength. The hurricane warning is really on Lee from the area just south of Myrtle Beach. The area just north of Wilmington, North Carolina, Wade Hall lives in Rocky Mount North Carolina. He's braced for the storm. We went to the grocery store last night, got some water, and I feel the core's up just kind of picking the art of making sure everything's in place. We're not too worried on this one. It's expected to be a rainmaker with flooding possible. There is the possibility of tornadoes getting kicked up to Tom Don, his emergency management director in Hilton Head, South Carolina. It can be some significant wind. It's It's a pretty wide range, so Really for us. We want folks to go ahead and hunker down and pay attention. Don't go out if you don't have to CBS News update. I'm Steve Caven in the Weather

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