Boston - Rhode Islanders must quarantine beginning Friday as coronavirus cases there surge


And increase in positive. Copan. 19 result has lead public health officials in the Commonwealth to remove grown island from the low risk category for state to state travel. We get more now On our top story, The island becomes the first Northeast day to be deemed high risk. And now anybody who travels from the oceans day to Massachusetts must produce the negative covert 19 test or self quarantine for 14 days. The declaration follow. Similar restrictions put forth in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey after a series of documented parties to which Governor Gina Raimondo tells her constituents. I need you to knock it off. Those people are getting sick. People are dying, and it's unnecessary gathering levels have been reduced in the state from 25 to 15 total. I have friends now whose loved ones around ventilators. Your right to have a party should not infringe on their right to live the word Island Department of Public Health reports more than 120 new positive cases in its most recent three day average in nearly 20,000 active cases statewide.

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